The Extraordinary Success Story of Beauty Nurse Elizabeth Sommer

The Extraordinary Success Story Of Beauty Nurse Elizabeth Sommer

Elizabeth Sommers has been a part of the medical industry for the past 17 years. She holds a  remarkable talent and practice of over 12 years in injector-based aesthetics. Her surgeon-like proficiency in injector aesthetic has led her to become a part of the top 1% of injectors. It’s evident from her role as a trainer in Allergan and Galderma, the United State’s top injectable companies.

The aesthetic professional strongly believes that the injector aesthetic is a field of art. Everyone who practices it is an artist. After all, it takes a keen taste for someone to thrive in this field. People have a different sense of beauty or aesthetics, and it requires empathy to understand their requirements and deliver favorable results.

Sommers primarily focuses on restoring the volume of a client’s features and assets. The client’s natural beauty is what makes them authentic, and she aims to empower those features.

A Glimpse of Inspiration

The talented injector was 15 years old when she first received the inspiration to be a nurse. Her baby brother was just born, and she was intrigued to see the doctors and nurses giving their best. The wise enthusiast combined her love for science and passion for arts to become an aesthetic professional in the field. Moreover, her interest in traveling and exploring the world has led her to become a well-versed specialist.

Ethics and Ambitions

The talented injector certainly knows how to balance her ambitions with ethics. They fall in alignment with her priority to building a connection with the clients. It is paramount for any aesthetic expert to form a rapport with their client. Hence, it enables her to deliver personalized treatments and plans that bring positive results.

The scholar aesthetician also shares her knowledge and wisdom with the young and promising talents. While she consistently learns to thrive, her job as a trainer has inspired her. The talented instructor is looking forward to incorporating online classes, scheduled academics, and much more to help the future generation of aesthetic nurses, especially in the injector field.

Compassion and Profession Blend

The veteran injector is a compassionate specialist with ambitions that she balances perfectly in her life. You can also witness her other side as she enjoys socializing and rollerskating at Venice Beach, CA. She also loves her pair of dogs, although she wishes to have more!

Not only does she aim to bring personalized treatments, but customized classes on the table. You can witness her brilliance in Skin365, a company located in Los Angeles County.

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