The #Focuseddd LLC Extends Public Relation Services Within the Multi-Media Brand

Compared to others, the brand shares aims to only share motivational content for startups, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, musicians, and public figures.

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Motivation and documentation? Check out the #Focuseddd brand!  Compared to others, the brand shares aims to only share motivational content for startups, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, musicians, and public figures. This has not only created just a business, but a movement, and a platform, which others can connect and initiate diversity.

On a scale with followings on social media platforms in thousands, the brand not only offers services through photography, videography, customized clothing, and event planning, but also incorporates and partners with news sources for public relation services which will involve press release distributions, further in-depth documented interviews, and social media marketing strategies for branding.

While being recognized in capturing stories, producing content for notable professional athletes and artists across different parts of the world, the brand keeps its validity in countries such as the United Kingdom, Portugal, United States, and even the Middle East. “The more people get on board with the movement, learn about each other’s stories, the more inclined they will be to collaborate with one another once they see something positive”, said CEO of #Focuseddd, Mobeen Mian, who believes diversity has been the key to most of the connections.

Event planning being a service  that #Focuseddd offers, seminars for students in grade school, and even serving as a sponsor for athletes and artists to ensure their collateral performance have been key ways #Focuseddd has remained consistent and diverse on their collaborations. Partnering with known organizations such as Metrocrest services, public schools in low-income areas, and nonprofits, has been the basis of making a difference within the community for the brand.

The notable projects the #Focuseddd LLC has had with public figures include producing the documentary for Dr Ricco Wright of the Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the Black Lives Matter Protest in 2020, as well as making customized clothing for international professional fighter Ali Al-Qaisi on his UFC debut in Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

Some notable community events that have taken place with Mobeen Mian and his #FOCUSEDDD collaborations have been in the Historic Downtown Carrollton, Texas, as the “Evening to Give Back”, with a three-hour musical and art showcase event, collecting more than 300 canned food items from the community, partnering with recognized event planners, K. Alyse LLC. Those canned goods were then donated to Metrocrest Services. The event followed a second one the following year.

Being able to work consistently with non-profits, small businesses, the youth, and more educated entrepreneurs is a constant mission for the #Focuseddd team. Giving more individuals a platform where they can share their visions and collaborate to reach more diverse environments and markets will remain the goal for the multimedia brand with endeavors in public relations. 

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Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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