The Funniest Page That Tops Instagram With 10 Million Followers Is ‘Naughty World’ By Ankur Raghav

The busy and stressful life that we lead today needs some kind of an outlet that would make us feel lighter and declutter our minds, and what better way than to look out for memes and funny pages available online, which are guaranteed to tickle your funny bones, with Instagram topping the list of such pages. There’s no dearth of entertaining meme pages on Instagram that are guaranteed to give you that daily dose of laughter.

Memes are captioned photos which are created to elicit humor and these have found a large audience on many social media platforms given the number of followers these pages command. Meme accounts are most popular on Instagram and many social media influencers have realized its importance and started including a part of meme posts sincerity along with the other posts they share. One such influencer who’s gaining extraordinary popularity on Instagram due to his meme accounts is Ankur Raghav.

Ankur is emerging as the most talented online personalities who has made it big with his Instagram and YouTube pages which go by the name Naughty World. Ankur being the admin of this meme account has pushed it’s popularity to dizzying heights, with a whopping 10 million followers on Instagram and 415 subscribers on YouTube, which is still growing with each passing day. Where Influencers take years to reach those levels of popularity, Ankur has made it in just within a year, through his engaging videos and posts, which have the chutzpah to become viral in any case.

This Delhi bred young boy has grown to a popular online personality today, and he wants to capitalize his image to push aspiring youngsters into limelight with his channel ‘Naughty World’ inviting young minds from small towns to join them. His expansion plans include inviting investors to fund his venture and also make a team of in-house actors and directors. With many such interesting plans slated to hit reality in coming days, Ankur is all set to turn his baby Naughty World into a global rage.

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