The Future of Art: A Recommendation-Engine-Powered, Fully-Customizable, NFT Marketplace

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Since the beginning of 2020, everyone from art galleries to museums, to cities, and artists have struggled with how to adapt to shuttered doors and social distancing. During that same time, the traditional art world was presented with an obscure, new art form that quickly dominated conversations across the globe: the NFT.

The first NFT (non-fungible-token), was actually minted on the Ethereum blockchain way back in August of 2015. But by 2021, NFT was Collins Dictionary’s word of the year

With no end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic and a global ferver around NFT’s – including announcements from everyone from Facebook to Snoop Dog – an entirely new art world has emerged. The future of art is here, and here to stay, but how the everyday artist and art-lover can participate has been arduous, overwhelming, and impersonal – until now.

With the launch of their new platform on February 14th, NOWwhere is set to revolutionize the relationship between creators and collectors with a first-of-its-kind, curated NFT marketplace. Built on the blockchain and developed by a world-class Development Team, consumers will appreciate the personalized recommendation algorithm offering uniquely-tailored results, while creators will enjoy fully customizable, Metaverse-like digital art galleries. 

With an intelligent indexing and ranking engine, and a full production studio support team, artists will be connected with audiences in ways that were previously unavailable creating both new opportunities for exposure and profitability on a global scale. “We’re wildly excited to be launching NOWwhere – a space for traditional and non-crypto native Artists to dive into the new creative economy of NFTs. We’re launching our first release with Artist storefronts as we continue to build and integrate more of our upcoming functionality.” said NOWwhere CEO/Founder Drew Lightfoot.

NOWwhere is currently onboarding artists from a variety of disciplines ranging from painters to photographers and digital art creators, in addition to exclusive celebrity partnerships ahead of its February launch. In the emerging world of NFT art, NOWwhere’s unique storefront and tools for artists is pioneering the NFT marketplace and leveling the playing field for artists and collectors across the globe.

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