The Future of Artist Brenae

It’s no surprise that Brenae is making some serious noise.

If you haven’t already heard of Brenae and how she’s bringing her self-proclaimed “melodic trapp chantz” into the Hip-Hop scene, you’ll be sure to hear from her soon, especially after the release of her recent track, “Sticky”.

Brenae brings her unique talents and raw bars to the scene. Always taking situations and circumstances for what they are and not taking things too personally have really helped her to progress in the industry. She understands that challenges often associated with being an artist, namely, the fear of rejection and being unsure of how people were going to respond to her music when she was starting out.

But, her belief in herself and in other artists have really put her in a good headspace to find success in the industry and stay loyal to those who are loyal to her. Brenae always follows the golden rule, and tries to help out artist wherever she can.

She has already played in countless noteworthy venues and events around the Atlanta area, including One Love One Mic, ILounge, Ghost Bar, and Authentic Empire’s Indie Showcase. She iis nominated for Female Performer of the Year 2021 via ATL Hip Hop & Fashion Awards, and recently won the “I Am a Rockstar” showcase hosted by Wealth Nation.

Looking forward, Brenae is hoping to take this journey for as long as she can.

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