The Future Of Folk Rock Music With Ryan Hodge

The music industry has a lot of amazing new talents who are working hard to make a name for themselves. New and upcoming musician Ryan Hodge is taking his time and making use of every opportunity to create a name for himself. He chose the path of folk-rock music for him to establish a career at a very young age. With one official release to his name, Ryan is one of the few young artists in this genre.

Ryan has been showing great potential in music from when he was just three years old. His father had a great influence on his passion for music by teaching him how to play the guitar during his years in school. Furthermore, Ryan’s taste in music was passed on to him by his father, who always listened to classic country and folk music.

Because of his early affinity for the old-school type of music, Ryan felt that it was his passion to be a musician. James Taylor, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, and Bob Dylan are some of his most favorite music artists. Bob Dylan, in particular, amazed Ryan because of the unique singing style and lyrical depth.

Ryan discovered his gift in poetry when he was in middle school when he would spend most of his free time writing poems. He blended his poetic skills with his love for music by turning his poems into lyrical works. As time passed, Ryan had more than ten lyrical compositions, which encouraged him to master playing the guitar.

One of Ryan’s uncles gave him a chest storage box where he used to keep his poems and lyrical works when he was young. For Ryan, his literary works are his little treasures and he wants them to treat them like they really are gems. When he learned how to make music, he kept his early musical compositions in his chest. He often returns back to his chest to remember the good old days. nostalgia.

Ryan was skilled in creative writing and took a degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Utah. As early as his freshman year, Ryan started to juggle studying and work as he performed at a local bar owned by his relative.

While performing at regular gigs at the bar, Ryan caught the attention of a record producer for a major recording studio in Utah. He was asked to share a sample of his original work. Ryan sent his work titled “Drive-By” which impressed the producer and the music company. They wanted to commercially release his music and Ryan got the big break that he had been waiting for.

His first single release opened the doors for more opportunities for Ryan as more people recognized him. He received a lot of invitations to play at bars in Utah and other states. Ryan is on track to record his first-ever studio album, a moment that is thrilling to the 23-year-old. Certainly, there’s no stopping Ryan Hodge in his quest for stardom as he continues to work hard to make an impression on music lovers from around the world.

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