The Future Self-Proud: The Secret Recipe for Aspiring Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

For a long time, business startups have remained a reserve for business veterans and the mavens. Not anymore. Today, business startups and innovations are engineered by the millennial generation. According to Agostino Marengo, a professor in two Italian universities, a startup owner, philanthropist, and a life coach, he believes that the future of business depends mainly on the input of the current millennial generation.

Agostino teaches the philosophy of “make your future-self proud by living as though he (the future-self) was watching you.” As simple as it looks, it is a philosophy that has worked for many young people in his mentorship program, the Future-Self Proud (FSP) self-improvement method.

This article features how the FSP method is revolutionizing the business world and making it possible for newbie entrepreneurs to make their first steps into successful entrepreneurship. 

A Working Remedy for Millennial Entrepreneurs

Every effort you are making today is always made towards securing a successful tomorrow. The big question is if the person you will be in the next 20 years appeared now, would he/she be proud of you and the efforts you are making towards becoming the future-you? The Future-Self Proud is a commitment process meant to equip business owners and entrepreneurs with success tips on how to get to the height of their business career. 

According to Ago, as he is commonly called, the FSP method is the remedy for the millennial generation. He believes that each person is entitled to a self-fulfilled life where one does what they love most and lives with the motivation to improve daily. 

recent report records that 4 percent of current small business owners are in the age bracket of 18-29, and 14 percent are aged 30-39 years. It further states that more millennials are flooding startup businesses with innovations to attain financial freedom and to strike a work-life balance. This discovery is the sole motivating factor for Agostino’s FSP method.

FSP at Work: How Does It Apply?

The success of any life venture is mainly dependent on three principles, goals, passion, and energy, and these are the defining principles of the FSP method. To become the boss you wish to be means you have to re-define and re-order your energy to fuel your passion for accomplishing the goals you set both in business and daily life. The FSP method has gradually become an essential part of entrepreneurial strategy building among notable business personalities. One of the people who applied the FSP to business is David Lopez. Lopez is the founder of Majesty Level Marketing, a marketing agency that helps a business reach their ideal audience, engage with them, and monetize social media with specific strategies that will allow the business to really grow and scale.

He used the FSP when he began his entrepreneurial journey. His success was driven not only by his goals and energy but, most importantly, his passion for sales. Known as the #1 salesman in the country for several campaigns, he thrived on the fact that he was able to believe in his ability to sell, but also to teach others the same skills he used to be successful. 

According to Prof. Marengo, thinking of your future self looking at your present-day actions will help you to do the best you can and make candid decisions that are based on common sense and not sheer desire. Let us see the detail in some of Agostino’s FSP strategy principles. 

Believing in What You Can Do

In a journal explaining the success tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, David Gomez states that ideas come from experience and personal strength. This principle agrees with Ago’s policy of believing in what you can do – that is, your strengths. He teaches self-awareness, accountability, and self-improvement as lessons of the right perception in business. Just as business is dynamic in terms of change, so does the business owner need to be flexible and be susceptible to change. 

Keep the Past at Bay

FSP is a future-focused strategy, and if you are to live by it, you must be ready to keep the past where it belongs: behind you. Agostino insists that holding on to the past will only bar one from improvement as it inflicts growth paralysis, which will do nothing other than delay you from your set goals. Forgetting your past and moving on is what you have to do to attain any success with FSP. 

This was a method that David Lopez used in his life that really pushed him to be the person he is today. He was able to let go of past mistakes and focus solely on who he wanted to become, not who he was. 

Invent a New You and Make the Best Version of Yourself

In the quest for success, many believe they have to get to the point of self-discovery. This is not so for an FSP talent, and according to professor Marengo, it is a total waste of time. Instead of spending your precious time searching for yourself, that time and energy should be spent on carving out the kind of entrepreneur you always wanted to be. The beauty of self-invention is that you will end up becoming the best you’ve ever been.

Identify Your Motivation, Plan, and Take Action for the Future

The next step is to identify the force that drives you. While many newbie entrepreneurs claim to have it, they soon run out of it. When you are an FSP talent, Marengo assures that your well of self-motivation will never run dry. 

Draft your plan on paper and frame it in a way bold enough for you to see, says Prof. Marengo. Using the SMART formula for goal setting is an excellent place to start; smart, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound goals are the beginning of the FSP journey. 

Finally, after going through all the FSP steps, all that is left is to take action. Start to do tangible actions as part of your plan. It is usually a difficult thing to do, but it’s inevitable. It is a journey of hard work coupled with sacrifice to attain the set goals. 

Wrap Up

The Future-Self Proud is the revolutionary strategy that will help millennial entrepreneurs live up to their full potential as far as business is concerned. Professor Agostino advises that FSP talents must be ready to learn and to work with fellow skills that make up a family of learners. Though the journey is rough and demanding, the results will always prove worth the effort. 

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