A Deep Dive into Steve’s Barton Coaching Method, The Game of Ten®

In the modern world, a lot of us think freedom means defying rules. And therefore, those rules mean a sort of unfair prohibition. Although it might be so, it’s not the complete definition, if there ever was one. Rules mean a set of methodologies developed toward the attainment of a goal aligned with an intention and values.
They are purpose-driven and are intended to help one stay on the path that leads to the intentional goal. Life coach Steve Barton has developed one such method, which he calls The Game of Ten. Let’s dive in deeper to understand what it entails and what it can help solve.

The Game of Ten® is Steve Barton’s USpatented method that can be licensed and used for coaching by the mental health and wellness communities.

Talking about the method,he says, “Life is a game, but it’s not a frivolous one. The Game itself teaches you about the game in terms of the rules that apply, the fun you can have, the rules you must obey, and the practices you must develop. Altogether, it’s a state of being, a phrase thrown around so commonly that it’s lost its potency somewhat. However, to put it simply, one’s state of being is not a destination. It’s a journey, sometimes solo, sometimes collaborative. It’s not a place that’s out of reach but a place that’s under your jurisdiction. The Game of Ten®method is a declaration for life, a form of meditation upon its principles as they combine to tune one’s state of being. It encourages one to assess their awareness and Know that their decisions come from their awareness level. It reinforces people to Know that they are enough, they do enough, and they have enough.”

To help people make the most out of his program, Steve breaks down The Game of Ten® method into core tenets. The first one, he says, “focuses entirely on your true self. The second is a declaration of one’s divinely infinite innocence. And the third has three components – Be, Do, and Have; to help us better align with the present moment.

The third through fifth tenet are an ode to time and quantity symbolized by the word Enough which aligns people with this divine portion to be and do the best with what they have in this moment. Essentially, these core tenets apply to everyone we know and meet, including ourselves, at all times.

Steve Barton’s The Game of Ten® method can yield powerful results when applied purposefully on a regular basis and incorporated into your daily life.

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