The Gap Partnership Launches the Ultimate Negotiation Maturity Calculator

The Gap Partnership is delighted to announce the launch on its website of the Negotiation Maturity Calculator – a clever commercial assessment tool that provides a snapshot of how mature your organization’s negotiation culture is. Free to use and providing a verdict in under 5 minutes, it has been designed to shine a light on those areas of a business that are negotiating less than optimally and therefore underperforming commercially.

But first of all, what does The Gap Partnership mean by a mature negotiation culture? Well, excellence in the discipline of negotiation throughout a business is a critical factor in the effectiveness of its overall commercial performance. As a result, high-performing organizations recognize the importance of investing in the development of negotiation skills and behaviors in every area of their operations. Such organisations have a mature negotiation culture.

The first step in developing a negotiation culture starts with an understanding of current performance. Which is where the Negotiation Maturity Calculator comes in. A “light” version of The Gap Partnership’s more in-depth diagnostic tool, it asks users to rate their organization on 9 key areas. Each area has a scale and a descriptor at each end, so the user can select what part of the scale their company currently sits.

Once all 9 sections are completed, the Calculator issues an assessment in the form of a percentage score, summary analysis and suggested next steps. For users who complete the Calculator, see their results and decide that they are interested in finding out more about fostering a negotiation culture, then the more in-depth tool, The Negotiation Maturity Index, could be the answer.

The Negotiation Maturity Index (NMI) is a powerful diagnostic tool that allows organizations to review their negotiation capability, infrastructure, and foundation. It provides a three-dimensional analysis of their overall negotiation maturity. Its output can be used as a blueprint for continuous commercial improvement.

As a first step and to get a snapshot of your organization’s commercial negotiation score, try our Negotiation Maturity Calculator here:

The Gap Partnership is a management consultancy, specializing in negotiation consulting and negotiation training. Our consultants support businesses by maximizing profitability and reducing costs by empowering teams to negotiate better. In the current climate, negotiation is now more critical than ever before, as companies urgently need to revaluate and renegotiate creative, collaborative agreements.

We offer unrivalled negotiation expertise. All of our consultants have years of real-world commercial negotiation experience and our global practice spans 50+ countries in 12 languages.

We continue to learn, research and innovate to drive our unrivalled expertise in all aspects of negotiation. We harness technology to ensure we have the widest range of pioneering negotiation solutions available. Our range of solutions is the widest available. There are many new products and support waiting for you to discover.

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