The Golden Secrets: Spreading the Word About the Power of Natural Skincare

According to a Harvard study published in 2020, many of the products we trust to improve our skin may actually end up harming it in the long run. Many of these products’ ingredients are tested only in the short term, with many of the long-term effects still unknown or just beginning to emerge. Because of this, some consumers are looking to nature to find solutions that have been trusted for centuries. The Golden Secrets, founded by CEO Jesse Golden, is working to educate people on how natural products have the potential to improve their skin.

Weighing the Potential Benefits

According to Healthline, natural skincare has a range of possible benefits. A natural skincare routine may help to strengthen skin and reduce dryness, oiliness, inflammation, and more. Many turn to natural products to treat acne, sensitivity, dry skin, excess oils, and even conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Natural skincare products are often said to provide vitamins, proteins, essential oils, and antioxidants that might benefit our skin.

Natural skincare also supports a healthy relationship with nature and the environment. Often, organic products can be better for the environment and avoid animal testing. It is often argued that natural products with long histories of use may be more trustworthy, as the effects have been known for many years, while many new products have only been tested in the short-term (Harvard).

Educating the Public About Natural Skincare

The Golden Secrets is educating the public in several ways, from a comprehensive FAQ on their website to The Golden Secrets blog and podcast. The FAQ section was created to answer many common questions about natural skincare and to help consumers decide what’s right for them. The Golden Secrets blog covers a large range of topics, from skincare during pregnancy to understanding dehydrated skin to a guide for repurposing empty skincare containers.

Founder Jesse Golden also conducts regular Q&A sessions where people can reach out and ask questions about skincare and other topics. The Golden Secrets show and podcast features founder Jesse Golden speaking with doctors and industry experts on many different topics.

About The Golden Secrets

The Golden Secrets is a holistic, organic, and sustainable skincare and wellness line. According to The Golden Secrets, the business was created on the principles of self-love, self-care, and natural living. Over the course of the next few years, the business will focus on growing its audience and expanding its reach. The goal is to inform consumers about natural skincare and to spread self-love to the world at large. The company hopes that its efforts to educate the public about natural skincare can help more people find the right solution for their skin.

Other than owning and running The Golden Secrets, Jesse Golden is also a mother, wife, yoga teacher, holistic health practitioner, and author of The Golden Secrets To Optimal Health.

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