The Greatest Purpose Is Hidden in the Person You Used to Be

“No one knows better how to help the former you like the present you.” These are the words of award-winning and eight-figure entrepreneur Stephen Scoggins. As someone who went from being homeless to running multiple businesses, Scoggins has lived this statement to its depths.

Today, we are all facing a world that has been completely reshaped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses have taken a bit hit, people are struggling to pay the mortgage payments on their homes, and people are questioning everything about their lives. Many today are looking for answers.

Where do you go to get those answers? Some of the greatest teachers who can help us in our personal and professional lives are not striving gurus or unattainable billionaire moguls. Instead, they are the boots-on-the-ground motivated entrepreneurs who are on a passionate mission to change lives by serving the people they used to be.

The extraordinary success that individuals like Scoggins now enjoy wasn’t always the story of their lives. People like Scoggins want to help others who are currently going through what they struggled with. It’s a way of paying it forward to people in situations Stephen has been all too familiar with in the past.

Scoggins isn’t someone who sits in an ivory tower or is looking for time in the spotlight like some so-called gurus, speakers, and coaches today. Instead, he cuts right through all the noise by teaching others as a guide and helps others understand how they can break through their self-imposed limitations. Scoggins can guide you when you feel stuck or trapped so that you can become absolutely unstoppable in every possible area in your life.

One of the most inspiring things about what Stephen has done is that he has taken over 43 years of setbacks, failures, breakdowns, losses, successes, and comebacks and now transparently uses them to provide simple, yet effective, step-by-step exercises to help anyone become highly successful in their own life. His proprietary system, called Transform U, has worked for countless people, including notable influencers, professional athletes, pastors, entrepreneurs, C-Suite professionals, soccer moms, students, and everyone in between.

His revolutionary new method for life mastery has been developed with the explicit intention to help people become unstoppable in both their personal and professional lives. Scoggins, along with the Transform U Live Events, client Immersions, and online school are simply changing the game, making personal breakthrough a reality no matter who you are, where you from, or what you have been through. These have been proven to challenge and motivate you in a way that gets you to blast through obstacles that stop you from becoming self-actualized and living your best life.

Stephen says it best “The greatest purpose in life you will ever have is serving the person you used to be.” The only way “You can be anything.” is by becoming more than you have always been. Let’s face it; in the world we live in now, we need less gurus and more guides like Scoggins to break things down into actionable steps that we all can follow.

That’s what makes him an exceptional teacher and guide. He has sourced all of his previous experiences to develop a simple, yet incredibly powerful step-by-step program that can help anyone to unlock and achieve extraordinary success.

He is more than a typical inspiring rags-to-riches success story. In fact, he puts no precedence on his story. Every time you come in contact with him, one of the first things you will discover is it is obvious that from his perspective, it’s not about him but about others.

If you are in need of a guide to help you get breakthrough, reclaim your hope, and become unstoppable, then look no further than Scoggins. This is someone one was able to break through his limiting beliefs and launch a construction company while sleeping in a friend’s borrowed car. That business is now nearly nine figures! With a true backstory like that, you know there is always something that can be learned, that can help you succeed.

We all need a little push in the right direction sometimes, and  when you decide to work with Scoggins and The Journey Principles Institute, you can join thousands of others who have already broken through the obstacles in their way to unstoppable success and finally move the needle in any area of your life or business. If you need more in your life, then Stephen can certainly help.

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