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The Green Path to Success in Iranian Pop Music Along With the Experiences of Erfun Khoshdel About the UPS and Downs of a Musician’s Life

Listening to the way of life of others and their personal experiences have always inspired many people to achieve success. All people seek to gain more experience in their lives to further develop their abilities, and this is a natural thing for human survival.

Erfun Khoshdel is one of the emerging young people in Iranian pop music who has unveiled his life path in the form of a book called The Green Path to Success.

In this book, Erfun Khoshdel talks about his personal life and his first entry into the field of music, and why he chose Iranian pop music at all.

At the beginning of this book, we see a person who shows great interest in music and in the blink of an eye, a spark strikes his mind that he learns instruments such as guitar and piano.

After learning guitar and piano, he goes to learn to work with musical instruments, and here is a very interesting book written that talks about the initial difficulties of the work and that the failures that Erfun had in this direction.

Many copies of this book have been published and sold in Iran, and several editors have translated the book The Green Path to Success by Erfun Khoshdel into Arabic, English, and Turkish.

Reading this book illuminates your life expectancy and progress like a beacon and throws you towards your goals.

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