The Impact of AI-based Technologies on Business Operations

Implementing AI-based technologies in business operations automates business processes, eases customer and employee relationships, and helps businesses gain insight through data analysis.

Over the years, artificial intelligence technologies have gained popularity and flouring in business operations. Top AI technologies used in business operations include machine learning, deep learning, chatbots, virtual agents, and natural language processing.

research by PWC on the economic impact of artificial intelligence on the UK economy reveals how big of a game-changer AI is transforming businesses. 

Clearfind – Innovative software optimization platform

Clearfind is a unique artificial intelligence platform that leverages a unique data-set to streamline the way organizations manage and optimize their software ecosystem, allowing them to make cost-saving business decisions and manage fewer systems. Clearfind platform  collects a company’s spreadsheet of names and details and analyzes millions of data points with a massive database and sophisticated algorithm that provides them with the best software choices within seconds.

 “Our unique data and methodology makes it possible for companies to now manage their software needs, arming them with the right insights to consolidate their business. We’re thrilled to provide such a critical product at a time when companies are relying on software more than ever before,”  – James Layfield, CEO,

Meanwhile, here are some of Clearfind’s amazing offerings:

  • The software optimization platform helps to identify cost savings and functional gaps in client’s software ecosystem
  • It unlocks an ocean of insight to support perfect decision making 
  • Clearfind provides faster and more effective outcomes
  • It helps clients to discover optimum software tools
  • It eliminates redundancies, duplication and non-compliant products
  • Clearfind ensure substantial cuts and smarter purchase
  • The innovative software platform improves profitability and productivity

Benefits of implementing AI-enabled solutions in business operations

The implementation of AI-enabled solutions in business operations offers several benefits. Some of the benefits include:

1. Advanced customer support 

Adequate customer support helps to build consumer relationships in the long-term and, in-turn, customer loyalty. With the help of chatbots, businesses build customer support considering that chatbots can handle a high percentage of customer support operations. Businesses are implementing live chat features as more customers seek to complete online transactions. For example, Clearfind, a software intelligence platform, analyzes a business’s software ecosystem to reveal products they can retain, reassess, or remove.

To advance customer support, the presence of emotion AI helps to help prioritize tasks. Emotion AI classifies different categories of emotions such as angry, frustrated, happy, and excited. Obtaining such information further boosts the customer service department service delivery. 

2. Revolutionized sales and marketing 

Sales and marketing help sell a business’s products and services, and providing a more efficient and reliable means of doing it will help meet company objectives. To meet sales and marketing objectives, companies must update and clean up their customer relationship management (CRM) system. With AI technologies, businesses are improving their CRM by automating it to self-update and autocorrect the system. AI technologies such as machine learning are boosting predictive marketing by analyzing prospects data and predict potential buyers. 

Marketers are using AI for ad targeting and personalized email/chat messages to target their target market. Including chatbots on business websites will design targeted content and upsell suggestions for different clients. Ad targeting and AI collect massive historical data to decide which type of ads work best for which target market. AI-based technologies can predict consumer behaviours and identify connections between variables such as click patterns and app use frequency to target consumers.  

3. Improved security 

Every business is looking to secure their information and reduce cybersecurity breaches; AI implementation comes in handy. Many cybersecurity breaches occur due to human error. With AI, businesses can filter out malware, phishing emails and spam. Machine learning in businesses analyzes customer behaviour, thus quickly identifying business customers from hackers. Therefore, you can prevent cyberattacks in real-time. 

AI features several security applications that defend against attackers and protect individual and company privacy, thus preventing crime. Cases of security and personal data threats are on the increase in businesses. To help gain trust among consumers, businesses should adopt AI into their cybersecurity. 

4. Automated recruitment (HR)

A recruitment process can be demanding and time consuming for companies and potential employees. Machine learning analyzes large amounts of data to identify patterns and in-turn, predict outcomes. In the human resource department, machine learning automates recruitment processes such as screening resumes, tracking applicants, and scheduling interviews. Implementing AI technologies to automate recruitment seeks to save time and boost effectiveness by using large amounts of data to identify a match on an applicant’s skills, experience, and job requirements. 

AI technologies are using chatbots that ease the interview process by interviewing candidates. Chatbots are used in screening processes, response analysis, and facial expressions to help determine the compatibility of a candidate to a job position. Talent acquisition from a large pool of applicants is a challenging process, and doing it right in a short time boosts a company’s operations. 

5. Reduced operational costs 

The key objective of AI-based technologies is to save time, promote efficiency and productivity, and eliminate monotonous and tedious tasks. AI implementation will reduce operational costs arising from human error and the presence of obsolete positions. Manufacturing businesses implementing AI-based technologies reduce costs due to efficiency from predictive and preventive maintenance and upgrades. In addition, you can save more from reduced downtime. Many may argue that the cost of installing AI software is costly. However, the long-term benefits surpass the initial cost implications. Sourcing Clearfind services allows businesses to manage their software for 12 months before committing to any charges. 


The evolution of AI-based technologies is changing business operations and no doubt reducing operational costs, advancing customer support, automating recruitment, improving security and revolutionizing sales and marketing. Indeed, AI-powered technologies like Clearfind is a revolutionary tool for companies looking to streamline their business operations.

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