The Impact of Legalized Sports Betting in America, and a Company Setting the Standard in Sports Bet Consulting 

In May of 2018, the biggest moment in the history of US sports betting occurred when the US Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protections Act (PASPA.)

For more than 25 years prior, sports betting was illegal in almost every part of the country.

Proposed estimates regarding the size of the illegal sports betting market in the US vary in opinion, ranging from $67 billion to $380 billion. The latter being a considerable stretch, considering that number is over 33 times the amount that Americans spend going to the movies.

Major news outlets including the NY Times, Forbes, and CBS News reported an eye-catching $150 billion figure in 2018. That number was obtained by the American Gaming Association (AGA,) which they said was based on a government estimate of $80 billion in 1999, adjusted to 2018 using GDP growth.

In any case, that figure has fallen significantly since May 2018. The AGA, which represents the $261 billion casino industry and works to reduce the restrictions on gambling, reported that “average spending with illegal bookies fell 25 percent in legal sports betting states last year, while legal online and mobile betting spending increased by 12 percent.”

As legalization continues state-by-state, money wagered on sports will rapidly be redistributed to legal sportsbooks, on and offline, around the country. It has already created an enormous opportunity for states to capitalize on the potential revenue generated from regulating and taxing online gaming. Not to mention keeping the flow of money from leaving the country or going to illegal gaming operators in the process.

If you are residing in one of the 18 states currently offering legal sports betting, you may be wondering what kind of resources are available to you that will help you get started, understand the industry, and, most importantly, practice proper betting techniques to maintain an edge long-term.

Sports Bet Expert, a worldwide leader in sports consulting, is proud to offer those resources to their network of over 25,000 clients in over 190+ countries worldwide. SBE continues to raise the bar in their approach to further educate, inform, and provide services to sports enthusiasts looking for this edge.

Peter J. Anadio, the Founder & President of SBE, has a vision for changing the stigma around the sports betting industry. Anadio foresees a huge influx in opportunity for sports betting to turn it into a modern day investment.

“Let’s  be honest, betting on sports is more fun than watching the stock market. Being able to have such easy access to sports betting as it becomes legalized throughout the US will create a huge demand for sports enthusiasts and bettors. It’s going to turn into the modern day investment opportunity. Not only will that be evident but, the amount of opportunity it creates for everyone to make money from sports betting is enormous.”

Anadio has SBE primed to be the go-to source for bettors worldwide. With more than 12 years of sports consulting experience, his staff works around the clock nationwide, studying countless amounts of analytics and variables, to provide the best and most reliable information available. A winning pedigree goes hand in hand with how successful SBE really is. SBE has a documented history of providing winning picks to their clients, while equipping them with the tools to be successful on their own.

Simply put, it’s their job and their commitment to help you profit from sports betting.

“Our number one goal is to work as hard as we can to make sure it’s worth it for you to become a client of ours. We want to make it easy for everyone. We do all the work for you. We stay up countless hours of the night preparing for the next day of games. It’s important not to bet on impulse and with no schedule because then you get in disaster areas.”

If that isn’t enough, SBE operates 10 unique Instagram accounts. Each account is dedicated to a specific league, designed to get sports enthusiasts up to speed with the latest news and updates. (Visit @sportsbetexpert and follow each account from there!)

SBE is focused on helping others understand that sports betting can and should be treated like a business.

Take a look at the way it operates, for example. Sports betting is a fluid market, similar to real estate or stock market investing, and unlike casino games where the odds are fixed. Understanding this, it’s easy to see that sports betting presents a real opportunity to gain an edge, as long as you are willing to pay attention and put in the work.

Anadio is proud to be able to share screenshots of their client’s winning tickets, as a way of celebrating their success. Additionally, he is just as proud to be transparent as a team when they are going through a cold spell, and regularly reminds his followers that nothing is guaranteed.

“Nothing makes us happier as a business than to see our clients succeed and avoid the irresponsible habits of sports betting. Our goal is to teach people to be patient and stay in their lanes. It’s important to remember that it’s a marathon not a sprint, we will endure some hot and cold spells, but in the end if you stay patient you will come out on top. Patience provides profitability. 

It’s about more than winning bets and making money for Anadio and SBE, it’s about shifting the narrative around sports betting. It’s about helping others understand the investment opportunity sports betting presents, while educating them on how to approach the industry responsibly.

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