The Importance of Giving Back: Realtor Kyle Kerr Shares His Favorite Ways to Stay Involved in His Community

Realtor Kyle Kerr Explains How He Gives Back To The Victoria Area

Kyle Kerr believes that it’s important for him to stay close to his community and give back through work with a variety of area charitable organizations. From coaching youth basketball to working with charities that provide food to people in need, Kerr knows that giving back matters.


HeroWork takes a meta approach to helping citizens of Victoria in need. Due to budgetary issues, many charity buildings in Victoria are run down and in need of repair. Charities struggle to decide whether to spend their budgets helping people in need or making expensive repairs on their facilities. HeroWork repairs and improves charity buildings, creating a better

Rainbow Kitchen

Many of Victoria’s citizens need some help to access hot and fresh meals each day, and Rainbow Kitchen provides food, a sense of community, and connections to resources for those in need. Kerr is happy to support Rainbow Kitchen’s many outreach programs, including providing food directly to the community, helping school students get the food that they need to stay focused, and the organization’s food sharing program that works with merchants and farmers in the community to provide people in need with healthy, fresh food.

Cool Aid Society

The Cool Aid Society in Victoria works to help people living through a period of homelessness. Services offered by CAS include wellness programs, employment programs, health care, dental care, nutrition programs, housing, and emergency shelter. Many residents of Victoria lean on CAS in their times of need, and Kyle Kerr is proud to support an organization that reaches out to Victoria’s most vulnerable citizens.

KidsSport Victoria

Kids who participate in sports get the opportunity to hone their teamwork skills, boost their confidence, and get into the habit of enjoying physical activity on a regular basis. Kyle Kerr is proud to support KidsSport Victoria, an organization that pays for all children to enjoy at least one season of participating in a sport each year. Without programs like KidsSport, many children would be unable to enjoy the benefits of team sports.

CFAX Santa’s Anonymous

Many families in Victoria struggle financially during the holiday season. It can be difficult to ask for help, and CFAX Santa’s Anonymous works to help families in need get both gifts and food to help create lasting holiday memories. Kyle Kerr loves working with Santa’s Anonymous to help families who are struggling. In addition to Christmas programs, CFAX Santa’s Anonymous also offers programs throughout the year to help support children in need.

Cystic Fibrosis Society of Canada

CFS of Canada works to help people who are living with cystic fibrosis get the care that they need, while also supporting ongoing research to support people who are living with the disease. Kyle Kerr understands that a cystic fibrosis diagnosis can be devastating, and believes in working to fight for research and treatment that can improve the lives and well-being of those affected by the disease.

Volunteering With Youth Sports

Kyle Kerr loves spending time with young people in Victoria, and he enjoys spending time helping them grow their confidence and develop their skills as a youth sports coach. Kerr also enjoys setting an example of staying healthy and active for the young people in his community.

Giving Back: A Professional Obligation

As a realtor, Kyle Kerr believes that it’s important that he gives back to the community that supports his business, and he encourages other professionals to do the same. It’s important to care for the community that supports your business, according to Kerr.

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