The Incredible and Inspiring Story of Young Artist Douline

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Music is the most beautiful pathway to one’s soul. There is no better way of expressing our most personal thoughts than through the different forms of music. The most gifted people in the music industry have earned millions and fame in their pursuit as their music speaks not just for them but the masses.

They have managed to build a connection with the souls of their fans through their words, music, and tunes. It is imperative to bring forth stories of people, especially women, who believe in breaking norms while thriving on their incredible innate skills and talents. The music world has so far welcomed many such talented beings; however, a few rare gems like Douline have always stood apart from the rest.

Douline is one such musical talent who has been turning heads and creating a lot of buzz with her mesmerizing vocals. Douline was born to a well-established family in Brussels, Belgium. She discovered her passion for music at an early age due to being surrounded by music at her home. Her sister has always remained her biggest support as she was the first to discover the shine in her and motivate her to pursue singing.

Douline completed her higher studies in Belgium and graduated in pedagogy. Being a creative and imaginative person helped her interact with people to understand them better. She proved her talent when her first single on Spotify, Be Like Me, made over 53K streams last year.

Douline found her ideals in artists such as Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Ashanti, and Ciara. “They influenced me a lot in my music; they still do. These artists have exuded outstanding talents, compelling music lovers to get on the dance floor while still keeping the emotion of the song intact. This has what inspired me always,” says the young singing talent.

Douline has recently released her new single, Feels, which has turned out to be a hit on streaming websites in no time. With a dream to inspire people globally with her passion, Douline is well on her way to reaching the top of the music game.

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