The Inspiration Behind the Fashion Shoe Brand Soulsfeng

Soulsfeng produces its own materials and has its own factory lines which serves in service of their mission to also be environmentally friendly.

After the Future Footwear Technology Corporation (FFT) launched their premier shoe brand “Soulsfeng” in 2016, rapid growth and innovation have put them at the forefront of technological research and sports analysis in the industry. One of the founders recently sat down to talk about the inspiration behind many elements of the company.

He explains, “I was inspired to start the business of combining graffiti art and shoes by JP O’donnell and Llya Sober, the graffiti art designers. Elon Musk is, of course, the role model for the technology.” 

Soulsfeng has created products that range from sneakers displaying graffiti designs that can only be described as works of art, to sneakers embedded with cold light technology to blend the designs with soft light and an upcoming release of heated boots with state-of-the-art carbon fiber tech. Given these products, it is no surprise that they have also collaborated with Tesla to start a project making CyberTruck Shaped shoes.

Soulsfeng not only brings innovation and quality to their products, but also shows an element of vision behind the brand. The founder states, “Each pair of shoes made by us has been hand-finished and delivered to customers perfectly. Our lifelong dream is to engage with and listen to each customer, while improving on the craft of manufacturing better shoes.

Because they are the souls pushing us to step forward, they are our future. This is the story of our brand name, Soulsfeng. The development and expansion of a brand is a monumental task. Regardless of the challenges, we at Soulsfeng will always strive to utilize the latest technology in the pursuit of quality products for everyone.”

Finally, Soulsfeng produces its own materials and has its own factory lines. This is all in service of their mission to also be environmentally friendly. Their materials are degradable down to the package bags and they firmly hold the belief of “Do whatever you can do” because it is our duty to “be stronger and more empowered by helping others to make a better future, better life, and a kinder world.”

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