The Inspiring Denisa Axhami Speaks On Netflix Deal, Best Selling Book & How ‘The PR Lady’ Evolved

Albanian-American entrepreneur, author, and media professional, Denisa Axhami, inspire the large community around her. The founder of The Detroit Entrepreneur and The Booth Magazine has a passion for doing so.

This month, she became the youngest of 18 female authors to write  Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success (Women in Business Vol.1)  presented by Adam Torres. The Amazon best-seller set high standards for business mentoring publications. All 18 women became best-selling authors just days after its release.

“It’s hard to wrap my mind around this,” she admits.

“Glory to God. I am no one with God.”

Providing public relations to businesses and talents, she adopted a nickname: The PR Lady. “I wish I could get rid of the nickname, but I’ll always be called that,” Denisa explains. “I eventually made it my business name. I have accepted it.”

With people’s best interest at heart, she continues to passionately build both companies and people. But something greater is on the way.

“Last year, I was a nobody that people rejected, and soon I’ll be walking the red carpet for a 2021 Hollywood movie premiere that’s yet to be announced,” she stated. “Major thank you to Harmini Productions for making a dream come true.”

This is just the surface of what’s to come. 2021 is when the real change will roll out, as Netflix welcomes their newest actress and producer. More details to be announced.

If you’re looking for a career-changing person, get connected, visit her website, and follow her socials.

Instagram: @denisadebocci

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