The JOMO Effect (Joy of Missing Out): Wellness with Shira Lazar

Shira Lazar fell in love with unscripted programming back in High School. She had been acting, and realized producing and behind the scenes action was where the fun was but that didn’t mean going off camera. When other young women were watching 90210, she spent her time watching 60 minutes. Telling people’s stories became her passion. 

While interning at a radio station in LA, the host brought her on to share her broadcast notes live. “There was something about being on camera, and on air in that way, telling people what was happening in the world and sharing something important that really felt like, ‘oh, I’d found my passion,’” Shira said. After college she stumbled into this online digital world, and it ended up becoming her career. Being early in the space, she became something of an expert of merging digital and mainstream culture. 

Shira has since hosted several shows including Let’s Go There Weekdays, Inside Web3, and Circa Pop Live. As a leading broadcaster and interviewer in the digital space, Shira has been the face of the biggest live-streams on the web from awards shows to red carpet premieres including, The Oscars, The Grammys, and Tony Awards among many others. 

A digital trailblazer, she speaks at conferences around the world, is a regular contributor on The Huffington Post, Inc. and Entrepreneur and has appeared frequently on networks like Cheddar, Bloomberg TV, CNN and Fox News Channel discussing Internet culture and digital trends.

It was 2017 when she jumped on the Web3 bandwagon. A lot of the people she featured on Whats Trending, we’re moving into the space. While she dabbled in the market, it wasn’t until after the bear in 2020, that she realized this space was it. With a long history in digital media, she became an advisor on several high profile projects, assisting with twitter spaces and helping projects form a digital presence. 

It was Gary Vee’s team that encouraged her to check out some of the female founded NFT projects. She started posting about her journey with Boss Beauties, Flower Girls, and Women Rise. She got the same vibe she did during her early digital content days, the energy was pumping. 

Shira realized this space was not just about finance and trading, but connecting and creativity as well. During the lockdowns, She had launched a wellness company, Peace Inside Live. She had experienced allot of ups and downs while building Whats Trending. During a trip to Everest Base Camp with Co-Founder Georgiana REam, they had been talking allot about their experiences in the space mentally and emotionally. She realized the value of the conversation and wondered why they weren’t talking about mental health on any of her platforms. 

The conversations she had with friends were important to Shira, so why not share them with her audience? 

Peace Inside grew out of this and they started holding virtual conferences with a wellness mindset. She had thousands attending their zoom meets and taking classes. She provided corporate wellness seminars and customized programs for large brands. Now, the brand has evolved into a digital wellness agency. They asked the question, “What does working on well being look like in Discord, Twitter Spaces, the metaverse?” And that is exactly what they’ve been experimenting with on the work they do, holding not only virtual spaces, but pop-up events at Web3 conferences like Art Basal and Outer Edge as an official wellness partner. 

For mental health awareness month they have launched the Jomo Effect. Partnering with TimePieces, House of First, Polydoge, and Seva.Love, which is Deepak Chopra’s Web3 project, they brought 40 artists together and are selling them for charity for Mental Health Awareness Month. 

“I think we just need to have more conscious spaces where we call ourselves and each other forth,” Shira said. To learn more about this project visit and follow Shira Lazar on twitter. 


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