The Journey of Abdullah Almanna

People around the world believe that those who work in jobs shall never make it big in their lives. There is also a popular belief that one can either earn big money or follow his or her heart. But what according to you is the best way to prove them wrong ? “Its pretty simple. You make it large and you prove them wrong” says Abdullah Almanna.

Abdullah Almanna is a name that is synchronous with inspiration for the dreamers of fame and success. This name reminds people that no dream is unachievable and everything is within your reach if you genuinely make an attempt to grab it. Lets take a look into the list of his achievements.

Abdullah was born in 1993 and went on to become a certified public accountant. Like every good accountant would, Abdullah got a job with one of the Big Four accounting firms and soon enough with an impeccable display of integrity & work ethics, started traveling to global destinations.

Being multilingual was a positive for Abdullah and it also helped him pickup newer languages at a brisk rate. While still working with the organization, Abdullah studied market trends and turned into an active investor. With his keen foresight and smart investments, Abdullah even started his own venture titled ‘Tripese’.

Abdullah has traveled the world while working with Ernst & Young. He is also associated with global causes. Earlier, he served  for five years as a Vice President with One Hand and worked as a supervisor for another charitable organization called Give to Gain. Besides this, Abdullah even had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania for the Kilimanjaro Summit while performing fundraising activities and being devoted to charity works.

Abdullah has the rare collection of linguistic expertise coupled with his experience as a certified CPA. Abdullah recently earnt his Blockchain Bronze Badge which is a big thing in the world of accountancy. Lets combine all this with first hand knowledge of the world and a strong bond with charity and societal values to understand the depth and magnanimity of character for this man.

Not so long ago, Abdullah penned down his travel experiences and published the book ‘The Offbeat Voyager: A Guide to the world’s best travel destinations’. Unlike most of the travel books which help one experience tourist destinations from their home, Abdullah shares his travel journeys in a way which inspires the reader to pack his or her bags and embark on a journey of their own at once.

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