The Kitti Sisters: Helping Their Fellow Investors Reach Wealth, No Finance-bro Approach Included

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For Palmy and Nancy Kitti, financial freedom isn’t just a buzzword — it’s a way of life! The two sisters run an apartment investing company Not Nine To Five Investments and help high-level entrepreneurs create massive wealth by way of apartment syndication. After a career in the fashion industry, both Palmy and Nancy found themselves lost their only one source of income and unsure of what was next. And, once they found apartment syndication, everything changed for them.

Their goal? To show investors how apartment syndication can change everything for them, too! See, The Kitti Sisters know how difficult it seems to get involved in real estate investing. Real

estate investing has long since been one of those things that seems full of barriers. From huge

initial investments and overtly complicated paperwork, all the way to finance bro dialects and a seemingly big barrier to entry, real estate investing doesn’t appear to be a reachable goal.

Apartment syndication changes that — and so do Palmy and Nancy.

Apartment syndication is the process of investing alongside a group of people to purchase an apartment building. With the exception of the person or people that organize the deal (the deal sponsors), every apartment syndication investor is a passive investor. Passive investors don’t need to deal with rent or tenant issues — their only job is to invest their money, rake in passive income, and profit from the eventual sale of the property.

Palmy and Nancy started apartment investing after the end of their full-time jobs in the fashion industry, and have since helped thousands of passive investors secure their financial freedom

— as well as dramatically cut their tax bills. In just 3 years, the Kittis went from 0 to $100 million assets under management in multiple states, and their job is to help other investors reach the wealth and the financial freedom that they have.

Plus, Palmy and Nancy’s apartment syndication process isn’t just geared towards wealth. In fact, it’s a lot more than that. See, Palmy and Nancy — and their investors — have all been victims of something that they like to call the 2 AM sweats problem. You might have felt it, too… that panic when you wake up in the middle of the night, wondering how much longer you’ll have to work to retire. Anxious about how on earth you’ll put your kids through college. Wondering if you’ll cause a burden to your family in your old age.

Apartment syndication is the solution to that problem. And, when investing with The Kitti Sisters, you’re not just investing with faceless finance bros. Instead, you’re investing with people who genuinely care about your financial success — and with people who will give you the educational tools you need to get there. Palmy and Nancy’s mission is to help their passive investors approach apartment investing with knowledge first and intuition second — and with all the humor and the levity you can have along the way.

Curious as to what investing with The Kitti Sisters looks like? Their unique investing experience isn’t one where you’ll invest your money and never hear from them again. Instead, The Kitti Sisters will work to create a learning experience — plus, they’ll be investing right alongside you. Palmy and Nancy are both still passive investors in their deals, and manage their deals in ways that educate and inspire, too.

“We realized a couple of years ago how very fleeting and special time is.  It’s the only

non-renewable resource that we have and it passes by day by day, marching faster than we’d probably care to realize,” said Nancy Kitti. “We help you invest in things that allow you to own your own time.”

The Kitti approach comes from the standpoint that taking advantage of time — and taking advantage of learning opportunities — can change everything for you. Their mission is to help investors mitigate risk through knowledge and education, to help investors use inflation to their advantage, to boost cashflow, and to create truly financially free lives.

And, more than anything else, The Kitti Sisters help their investors create impact. What’s better than that?

If you’re interested in working alongside The Kitti Sisters to reach true financial freedom, you can find out more here.

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