The Latest Rising Star of the Pormer Family is a Rookie Estate Agent, Amin Pormer

The name ‘Pormer’ may sound very familiar. Some may know that name because of the Hollywood personality, Megan Pormer. Some may know it for the late middle east real estate tycoon, Shapour Pormer. However, this successful family seems to have a new rising star going into 2022.

Amin Pormer, the rookie real estate with an impressive number of transaction deals amongst his competitors is the rising star of the Pormer family. Amin, who has his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Masters in Structural Engineering, has the dream of changing the real estate game in Los Angeles.

When asked how he would summarize his business envision in a few words, Amin smiled confidently and said, “Real Estate A-Z”. “In my vision, real estate has 3 main aspects: funding, construction, brokerage. Of course, there are many details in between, but in my vision those 3 are the most profitable ones.”

My father had all those under his business model back in the middle east when he was alive. I’m soulfully inspired by my father and want to follow in his footsteps. In Los Angeles there are not many people that perform all aspects of real estate under the same umbrella. I want to bring all those parts together to achieve greater success and set myself aside from my competitors.

Even though Amin is only 25 years old, he is a true hard worker. Asking him how he would spend his time to improve his business, he responded, “I put most of my focus on expanding my connections and networking. I believe at the end of the day regardless of what industry you are in, your connections and people that you’ve build relationship will help the most in growing your business.”

Asking Amin on his thoughts on the future of Real Estate in Los Angeles in 2022, he laughed and responded, “It’s funny how a lot of people expect the home prices to go down and think that the housing bubble will burst in 2022. I believe that not only housing is not going to be cheaper in 2022, but it’ll go up.”

My reasoning is that most of the new construction homes that are going to come to the market in 2022, have been built with materials with highly inflated prices due to the shortages we observed during Covid. Therefore, those homeowners now need to put their homes up for sale at a higher rate since they have spent more dollars on them, whether for building or for remodeling. There is a possibility that the prices might cool down a bit for a short period of time, before going back up higher, due to Federal Reserve projection to increase the interest rates.

This ambitious realtor seems to have a lot of ‘behind-the-scenes’ knowledge to project what’s going to happen to the future of real estate market. If you are thinking to get into real estate in 2022 as new year’s resolution, you’d better get in touch with Amin to gain access to his indepth knowledge and projections on the roller-coaster of the ho.

You can find his Instagram here.

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