The Market Maker Leads Platform Has Gained Mass Influence Over The Estate Industry With Their Unquestionable ROI & Mike Oddo’s Leadership

Market Maker, founded by Mike Oddo who owns the proprietary system Market Maker Leads, first gained influence with real estate agents back in 2012. Since then the American based software platform has gone on to see a staggering 100 plus new users monthly. The two-time INC 500/5000 company built by agents, for agents has now gained mass influence over the American market, but is this for Better or Worse? 

With the rise of the educational industry we’ve seen plenty of new products, platforms and services claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread or a magic pill to solve all problems. Many of these gained mass influence within their respective niches, but often to poor effect due to ineffective information or horrendous support. If you’re a real estate agent, then you’re likely to have been hit with lead generation offers more than anything else.

Maybe you have seen a headline screaming “quality leads sent straight to your door ready for closing all at the great price of X – with of course, lifetime support”. Now, Market Maker claims to be able to do pretty much this; they say “Our professional marketing team will generate leads for you via Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Lead Capture Pages, Home Value Pages, and MORE!” and “Once the lead is ready to buy or sell we’ll place the warm, ready-to-act leads straight to your calendar. Receive instant text and email notifications of new appointments and sync directly to Google Calendar!”

So how true is this? Well, based on the ROI clients are claiming to be grateful for, thanks to the platform launched by Market Maker Founder Mike Oddo – real estate mogul and 7-figure brokerage owner, you’d find it difficult to doubt their capabilities. This is even more so  after reading reviews like those left by Rivers W. “I started with Market Maker about 15 days ago.

I’ve got over 90 leads, 17 appointments, and a home under contract for $365,000. I am also working with two other families right now, one for a listing and a purchase, and one is just a flat-out purchase, all within the first 15 days. I’ve seen so many things come across my desk, I was a doubter, but let Market Maker show you what they showed me.” Now, like all things, you see a mixed bag. Few say this isn’t the case, which may very well be true. However, they have far more positive than negative reviews.

And after some thorough research, the negative reviews are always to be expected when you’re at the height of Market Maker and their platform Market Maker Leads. 

Taking what you see at face value, I would have to say the ROI they claim to generate for all new clients is hard to question, so you’d either have to call their clients liars or test it out yourself and prove otherwise – which is likely a safer bet with Market Maker over other platforms as they have an innovative guarantee of closings in 120 days or your money back, of course there are qualifications.

Furthermore, the content they cover over on the Real Estate Rainmakers Podcast contains more value than most paid programs, covering everything from Facebook ad retargeting for rapid growth, to debatable topics like offline or online marketing, as always, before purchasing anything I would always recommend going through the free resources of a company before parting with hard earned cheddar. To state the obvious, this helps us know that they know their stuff.

After a few episodes of the podcast, I’m sure you’ll find that they most certainly know what they’re talking about. Now the only question left is, “Can we trust them to implement their value for you?” They’re offering a done for you service, of course. 

This is when the track record comes into play. Market Maker enroll their own clients through their advertising campaigns that rake in 100 plus users monthly for the Market Maker Leads platform. Mike Oddo took his brokerage to millions of dollars annually at 26 years old through advertising.

Their expertise in advertising also brought Market Maker to over 3 million in revenue with a team of 15 top-of-the-line employees, and accumulated countless testimonials commending their ability to drive traffic. With these stats, you’d have to say they have the ability to implement their strategies effectively. 

Market Maker and their platform Market Maker Leads have gained massive influence with estate agents and their ROI is undoubtedly one of the best in the industry. Unless you are confident that paying yourself to do the work would yield a better outcome, it would be hard to argue against trying their services out. In any case, we’d have the ability to get our investment back under their guarantee if all went south. 

Concluding with, their current reach is absolutely for the better, given that they empower agents across the U.S with the tools and frameworks to help themselves, their clients, and the American economy as a whole. 

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