The Marketing Revolution in Bozeman, Montana and the Man Leading it with “Torin Recommends” Agency

Bozeman, Montana is proving to be a growing hub for businesses, housing both natives and out-of-state entrepreneurs moving to the region to start their companies.

Helping companies stand out in the expanding economy is “Torin Recommends,” a full-service digital marketing agency. Founded by Torin Zonfrelli, Torin Recommends provides customized plans for businesses to grow their digital presence and understand how to get in front of the right audience at the right time. Torin Recommends is also known in Bozeman for emphasizing client education.

Bozeman Business

A wide variety of businesses have been sprouting on Bozeman’s rocky landscape. Not all of them know how to effectively maneuver the digital landscape, however. Torin Zonfrelli noticed a disparity between the number of growing companies and those that knew how to leverage social media.

Additionally, he saw many local marketing agencies providing services to their clients without helping them build a comprehensive online presence. Torin knew that a holistic approach to media marketing is key to success in this day and age.

Torin Recommends

“Torin Recommends” takes businesses to the next level by providing social growth, media management, SEO, podcastfeatures, and more. In addition to providing services, Zonfrelli also teaches businesses how to grow their social media accounts independently.

Zonfrelli’s process is rooted in education, showing clients why platforms like Instagram can be such a powerful tool in expanding their business. Torin Recommends operates throughout the country but is focused on Bozeman, Montana.

Torin Zonfrelli

Originally from Massachusetts, Torin Zonfrelli worked as a chemical engineer at an oil refinery until he was twenty-seven. Torin left his 6-figure job to start his marketing agency, Torin Recommends. His problem-solving skills, honed through engineering, now equip him to customize the best digital marketing strategies for his clients.

Identifying a Need, Providing a Solution

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Torin Zonfrelli is his ability to identify a need in his community and mobilize his business to address that need. For instance, Zonfrelli now strives to make press coverage more accessible to companies after identifying the press as a valuable tool many local entrepreneurs were leaving untapped.

Rather than have clients spend valuable time and resources trying to get others to understand what makes their product distinct, Zonfrelli advises focusing on the solution they provide. By centering your marketing strategy around how your business is addressing a need in your community, you meet potential clients where they are.

What to Post and Why

Zonfrelli advises those struggling to bolster their social media presence to identify what is stopping them. For those not posting enough content, is the problem finding the time to post, or is the problem knowing what to post? Torin Recommends helps businesses create content strategies so that their social media channels reflect what makes their company so unique.

They also offer courses on tactics to gain traffic, addressing how, when, and what to post. Zonfrelli often finds that clients will understand the value of social media but not know how to use it to their maximum advantage.

What about your digital presence?

Torin Recommends equips businesses in the Bozeman region and beyond for the digital age. Many companies understand the importance of digital presence but are unsure of what this truly means or how to strategically implement it.

Torin Recommends is a great resource that we have identified in the area who is happy to get on a call and help. Get in touch with Torin through Torin Recommends’ website or Instagram.

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