The Master at Work: Amer Kamra Builds a World Renowned Lab

Amer Kamra

It was never a goal for Amer Kamra to have a gym.

Each piece of equipment at Hammer Fitness HQ in Toronto, Canada, has been either hand-picked, imported, or modified to perfection.   Kamra’s goal was to use his extensive physics background to cultivate the perfect environment that would allow master trainer Irada Humbatova and himself to build the world’s best physiques.

The days of basic bro-science are long gone. Amer Kamra has been mastering the art and science of resistance training for over a decade.

Amer has earned pro cards in almost every division within the fitness industry, including bodybuilding, bikini, fitness, men’s physique, and classic physique. He didn’t just stop there! Kamra studied abroad in Oklahoma, USA, under Tom Purvis’s tutelage, who is known to be the golden standard in the world for resistance training.

Hammer Fitness Gym

Creating the best physiques is a healthy balance between Art & Science. Kamra says

One must understand science and physics, including the forces that act upon the body during exercise but also the forces that each machine creates. No two machines are made alike. Each machine produces force at specific ranges of motion; we either modify them to our liking, or we do not use them.

“The art component is your eye; it is learning to see things that do not yet exist and then create them. A sculptor sees the sculpture in every stone before Kamra added. Creating physiques is art, and creating the best physiques in the world, you must have an idea in your mind of what you want the physique to look like before sculpting”.

Kamra built Hammer Fitness HQ not as a gym but as a lab to facilitate this industry-leading work without distraction. Much like a doctor or dentist needs the right tools to perform the job effectively and efficiently, Kamra sees his work the same way.

Spending 1/2 a million dollars to build Hammer Fitness HQ was worth the investment, it seems, based upon the work that Kamra and his team have been producing.

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