The Mindset for Success According to Michael Dallas-Petersen’s Perspective

Michael Dallas-Petersen has over the last five years built himself a number of successful marketing businesses within the social media space. The serial entrepreneur from British Columbia, Canada prides himself in having created his businesses from scratch, automating them right off the bat at the prospecting phase all the way to the point where they become sales calls. While this might sound simple and straightforward, that may not always be the case especially considering the number of people who have tried their hand at social media agency marketing and automation with little to no success. 

Where many entrepreneurs have failed, Dallas-Petersen has gone on to succeed in becoming a sought after business coach who has scaled up businesses to a point where they generate $100,000 per month in recurring revenue in 12 months. This begs the question of what he does differently or what his unique style of doing things that gets him this success is. 

In his words, Dallas-Petersen described some of the unique factors that have contributed to his social media agency marketing success include showing up every single day, seven days a week and putting in the work. Having built and grown his business to nearly $100,000 per month in recurring revenue in 12 months, Dallas-Petersen said that he has no days off. For him, every day is an opportunity to improve himself in one way or another. Sometimes this can be by simply reading a book because he believes that having discipline in the small things contributes to his great success. 

Another unique characteristic that he attributes the success of his business to is his outright dislike for excuses. Dallas-Petersen challenged anyone that might have an excuse by saying, “The difference from where you are and where you want to be is what you do.” For every time that you ask yourself why you are not where you want to be, if the answer is not an action towards getting there, then what you have, simply put, is just an excuse. Dallas-Petersen suggests that you crush those with actions.

Building a successful marketing and automation business is no easy feat, but Dallas-Petersen has gone on to do just that. He takes immense pride in his ability to seamlessly automate and build systems around internet-based businesses that happen to be a majority of his target market.  This is yet another of his unique attributes that contribute largely to his success in the social media space. Whether it’s the dentist with a small practice around the corner who wants less leads but more patients sitting in his seat, or the mortgage broker who has a team of young and hungry loan officers, Dallas-Petersen has set himself apart by listening to what they want then giving it to them exactly how they want it. 

In addition, Dallas-Petersen also credits his ability to work until the job is done. He is not scared to take risks and do what it takes to make it happen. A dedicated family man who draws inspiration to build and automate successful marketing social media agencies from his own family, Michael Dallas- Petersen believes that continuing to build systems around internet-based business will keep him successful for a lifetime to come.

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