The Modern Millionaires: Make Great Money, Live Free

Abdul Samad and Chance Welton, leaders of The Modern Millionaires, are showing their clients that an entirely different world awaits those who are ready to throw out the old way of doing business. Their company challenges the idea that the only way to earn a steady paycheck is to work for corporations or businesses whose leaders often keep a sizable percentage of their profits for themselves.

Instead, The Modern Millionaires shows people that by learning how to run their own digital marketing agency, an endeavor that requires a minimal investment of capital, they can ultimately earn a higher paycheck, spend more time with their families, and have the freedom to do with their lives as they wish.  

“One of the reasons we got started with digital marketing was because with the Internet, we could theoretically advertise to anyone anywhere in the world,” Abdul says.

Isn’t that incredible? We had so much success in doing this that we wanted to pass on what we had learned. However, when Chance and I did some research, we saw that $10,000 each month seemed to be the cap in revenue for startup digital marketing businesses. There was certainly the potential to make more than that, so we created The Modern Millionaires to help clients break through that ceiling.

With The Modern Millionaires’ training, step-by-step actions, and mentorship, clients learn what not to do, crucial information that helps them make seven figures or more each year. “Sound impossible? It’s not,” says Chance. “We have already helped people build successful digital marketing businesses, and they are tapping into the demand for their services and enjoying the resulting profits.”

It is clear that Chance and Abdul believe deeply in people and in their ability to run their own businesses. “It’s really in all of us,” Abdul says. “We haven’t always had these huge corporations that determine our salaries and wages. Our ancestors ran farms and little stores to provide for themselves.”

He continues “It all changed during the Industrial Revolution when these huge corporations rose up, drawing farmers to the cities to find work. People lost the power to determine what they made and instead were told what they could make. These companies funded the universities because they needed more well-trained employees.”

He also added “We were put on an assembly line, one that took us through twelve years of school and then to college, and when we graduated, we went to work at these companies. An entire generation was sold a dream that if they studied hard enough and worked long enough, they could retire at seventy years old and then start to enjoy their lives. This is the idea that The Modern Millionaires attacks: we show our clients that they don’t have to wait. They can start enjoying their lives right now.”

Chance, Abdul, and The Modern Millionaires make this possible for their clients because it is very easy to start an online business and then begin selling to an almost limitless pool of potential customers. Chance and Abdul explain that the average person doesn’t need millions of dollars or thousands of employees to take advantage of this movement. They just need the knowledge, the drive, and the mentorship, two of which The Modern Millionaires provide. 

“Ecommerce is growing,” Chance says. “Think about this: from 2009 to 2019, it grew from 5.6% to 16% of total retail sales in the United States. That’s according to a Bank of America report, and who doesn’t believe it will continue to grow, especially after so many people went online during last year’s lockdown? This is exactly the right time for you to start your digital marketing company, and we will show you how to do it.”

The two men know what they are talking about. Abdul is a #1 international, best-selling author and speaker, and he owns a portfolio of several seven-figure digital businesses. He’s been mentioned in publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur.

His mindset and systems for marketing, sales, and business are known as the secret ingredient behind thousands of successful digital marketers, salespeople, and entrepreneurs. His unique advisory style comes with first-hand experience: he actually built his businesses without any money or contacts. What he did have was heart and innate talent. He is truly a self-made millionaire, and he now uses what he knows to help his clients take their lives and businesses to the next level.

Abdul is also the owner of Lions Digital Solutions, a company that leads its clients to exponential growth through unique, effective strategies and a focus on high-ticket sales. The business’ mission is to assist customers with scaling up their companies while simultaneously working fewer hours and having more time off. LDS’ proven formulas increase customer engagement, brand awareness, and ROI. 

Abdul’s other company, Officeless Agency, helps its clients take advantage of a recession-proof industry: online billboard ads. “They are simple to set up and take little time to manage,” he explains. “The wonderful thing about them is that they produce consistent, predictable income for you, and they can be run from anywhere, anytime. You can see why it’s becoming a very effective way to earn money and provide a good living for yourself.”

Chance is the founder and CEO of Beachwood Marketing Firm, a tech company that specializes in helping local business owners grow their revenue by acquiring high-paying customers every month.

Beachwood Marketing Firm’s processes are unlike anything clients find in 99% of the market. That specialization means the company is able to generate results in the top 1%. Beachwood Marketing Firm is selective about whom it works with and partners only with businesses committed to the growth and service quality of their product or service.  

As businessmen who have worked hard to create what they now have, Chance and Abdul know what any person can do when given the tools to succeed. “We each have a crucial opportunity in front of us,” Abdul says. “We can decide that we want to earn more and that we want to take advantage of the booming digital marketing industry. In doing so, we can let go of the old idea that working for a corporation is the best way to earn a reliable paycheck and instead be in charge of what we make. What will you choose to do?”

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