The Most Heartfelt Sympathy Gifts to Give

Sometimes a small gift is in order to bring them some comfort when there aren’t any words that adequately express empathy for what they are going through.

Consoling The Bereaved 

When you offer a shoulder to cry on, and spend your time as a friend or loved one who is struggling to find ways to console a friend or family member in their grief, words aren’t enough to bring them inner peace. The effort you spend on helping them struggle through difficult emotions is a gift that no one can put a price tag on.  

The Simplest Gifts Come From The Heart

If counseling the grieving isn’t second nature to you, it helps to have a small gift to give to your loved one to show them you are thinking of them without struggling to express it in words. There is a long tradition of family, friends, and neighbors bringing food to the home of the bereaved during the mourning period. To some, food brings some comfort to them – and it’s not uncommon for people to forget to eat regular meals when they are getting through the end stages of an important friend or family member’s life, or through the funeral proceedings that follow.

Food Gifts Traditionally Help Console Those In Pain

As traditional gifts of food are given to the family or closest loved ones of someone who has died recently, a small sympathy gift of candy or another comforting snack is often appreciated by those who need it most. High calorie, comforting snacks are perfect for those who may be struggling to eat meals because of the depression surrounding a new loss. It may feel to them as if they don’t have the energy to get out of bed for a while, and preparing big meals might be something that goes on the back burner for them until they are able to come to terms with their loss. Havings snacks around, especially in the days immediately surrounding the funeral, memorial service, or celebration of life.


Showing You Care Is Important For Those Who Are Grieving

An appealing gift to those who are actively grieving like a beautiful selection of candy or sweets can offer them a momentary escape. Emotions about their recent trauma may have left them without much of an appetite, and they may have house guests during funeral proceedings that they might not have the energy to provide snacks or meals to like they normally would if they were hosting guests in their home. Many people bake a dessert or a casserole to bring to homes that have suffered a loss, but not everyone has the time to cook, or the talent to cook. It’s perfectly acceptable to buy a gift of candy or snacks that are sure to be welcomed by almost any home. Candy is a unique food in that it often takes people back to the happiness of their childhood when they eat it. Chocolate, in particular, has unique properties that cause people who consume it to feel loved; many studies have been done to seek out the reasons that chocolate elicits such positive emotions from so many people, and besides the positive emotions that it provides, dark chocolate, in particular, has lots of nutritional properties that are desirable, especially when we are feeling at our lowest. 

Finding the right sympathy gift is easy if you consider all the reasons why an attractive selection of candy is a welcome sight during the hard days that surround a loss. It is sure to be appreciated by the bereaved, and it shows that you care about their pain and their loss.

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