The Most Iconic Sneakers Designed to Date as Listed by King Kicks

The most iconic sneakers designed to date as listed by King Kicks

Sneakers are one of the biggest trends right now, but they’ve always had a huge influence over the fashion landscape. King Kicks is a resale website for luxury sneakers that boasts brands like Adidas, Air Jordan, Yeezy, and Nike. We talked to them to learn about the most iconic sneakers that have been designed to date and what they mean to the industry.

Air Jordan 1

These shoes were marketed to the masses with Michael Jordan’s endorsement, one of the most iconic basketball stars of all time. Without Air Jordan’s entry into the space, we wouldn’t have many iconic shoes that make up their line today. Air Jordans are among the most influential brands in sneaker culture, so it might not exist without the first pair of Air Jordans.

Nike Air Force 1

Although these iconic shoes aren’t very good on the court, they have created a fashion phenomenon. They first caught on with a shadier crowd but moved into the hip hop industry soon thereafter. They’re still Nike’s bestsellers year after year, and they have a huge influence on the market.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

While they’re not as popular in sneaker culture anymore, other subsets of the population have taken Converse as their own. These are some of the most recognizable sneakers of all time. They can be worn for a wide range of fashion occasions, from the runway to a basketball game.

Nike Dunk

Dunks were some of the first shoes to incorporate extreme colors and textures, and they fostered high-profile collaborations. People would line up around the block for them or camp out on the sidewalk to get a pair. These flashy sneakers are one of the main reasons the culture around kicks exists today.

Onitsuka Tiger Corsair

These kicks are the original running shoes, and many successors have been trying to match up to their popularity since. The design was changed into the Nike Cortez, which helped steer the successful brand in its shoe division. Without it, many of their lines could have taken completely different directions.

Puma Suede/Clyde

The Puma Suedes were the first basketball shoe that made its way into mainstream culture during the 1970s. It established the tie between basketball, hip hop, and street culture. Their noteworthy texture definitely didn’t hurt their chances, either.

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