The Neighborhood Talk is the Talk of the Town, Dominating the Buzz Within Tinsel Town Itself

The online news portal has gained a lot of traction through its funny and juicy stories.

In these trying times, entertainment is a means of refuge for those that have been bogged down by recent global events. Fortunately, one company provides entertaining news on all the latest current events through a popular urban blog called The Neighborhood Talk. Since then, the online news portal has gained a lot of traction through its funny and juicy stories.

The Neighborhood Talk was founded by CEO Kyle Anfernee Simpson. Through the company, he has been able to entertain millions upon millions of his massive audience through cleverly written articles and wildly entertaining comedic pieces. However, the journey certainly didn’t start as a happy one.

“I lost my job at one of the biggest urban blogs in the world, and I knew that I would never get the amount of freedom I had there anywhere else,” shares Simpson. “So, I took the tools and skills I developed while working for my previous employer and decided to start my own blog and bet on myself.” Thus, The Neighborhood Talk was born, an avenue where Simpson could write whatever he wanted to with absolute freedom.

The Neighborhood Talk then took in many enthusiastic free-thinkers and like-minded individuals who shared Simpson’s desires to create a space of artistic expression. He hired college students as writers and took them in before they even got out of their respective universities. Through the company, these budding writers were able to express themselves and develop their craft.

The esteemed online entertainment news site is a hub for writers to publish their own articles and cover red carpet events with top celebrities. The humorous news site makes sure to include a lot of entertaining comedic beats and references with every article to make their outputs even more entertaining to their audience.

With freedom and creativity at the forefront, The Neighborhood Talk allows their writers to freely express themselves on a variety of topics such as sports, celebrities, health, and politics. The renowned urban blog is massively popular for its witty and sarcastic captions as well as the humorous tone that its articles convey.

“We try to add humor in everything we do, and that’s something that our followers have constantly pointed out,” explains Simpson. The Neighborhood Talk has taken on a unique and innovative approach to news, and it has paid off in spades. The popular urban blog has grown massively over the years. The website itself has garnered over 34 million impressions per week and over 1 million weekly profile visits.

Adding to the fact that the visits aren’t just from regular people, these visits also include high-profile celebrities, personalities, and industry leaders who have taken a huge liking to The Neighborhood Talk.

Eventually, Kyle Simpson began receiving calls to be featured on various mainstream media platforms such as The Real on Fox, Wendy Williams, E! News, and Dish Nation. The massively popular urban blog also had its own segment on Good Morning Atlanta on Fox. Simpson also appeared on Fox Soul’s new talk show “The Mix,” where he shared the seat with the rapid rise of The Neighborhood Talk.

The Neighborhood Talk is looking to cement itself as a household name in the coming years. With the success that it has been getting these days, there’s nowhere to go but up for the ever-growing urban blog that’s adding humor to a time when all things feel lost.

To know more about The Neighborhood Talk and read the latest entertaining scoop, check out its official website.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.