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The New Economy: How Paloma Sansores Helps Others Achieve their Financial Goals

This visionary shares her ups and downs to achieving financial success.

Today, technological advances and constant innovation have given way to a wealth of opportunities for those who wish to take a step towards transforming their lives. The term “financial freedom” is becoming increasingly popular in society and hundreds of people are taking up the possibility of earning money through the Internet and becoming promoters of this phenomenon.

People like Paloma Sansores have obtained great results from this process. However, without honesty, dedication, and determination, she would not have reached the place where she is. Creator of the business movement “The New Economy” dedicated to educating, guiding, and developing leaders and helping others on the road to financial freedom, Sanores has become a reference for many.

Her dedication and capacity to motivate make her work as a millionaire coach and web marketing professional more and more outstanding. This is because, in her diverse digital platforms, she shares content with great motivational value, inspiring her followers to work for their objectives by breaking paradigms and taking valuable risks focused on their goals.

Sharing Success

One of the things that highlighted Sanores’ success is that during the eight years that she has been in this business environment, she decided to share every aspect of her journey as part of her plan to motivate, inspire, and support others on the road to financial freedom.

This is how “The New Economy” was born, a movement that brings together a large number of people who are determined to innovate in the way that they make money within society. This has allowed Sanores not only to realize her goals but to share her business and personal experience with a wide range of partners and supporters.

Her goal is to continue to grow, develop purpose, and inspire others on the journey towards achieving their goals. For this reason, she has dedicated a lot of time to impart her knowledge through conferences in different parts of the world attended by more than five thousand people.

Also, she has held multiple meetings through her digital platforms, where she has imparted much of her experiences to others, getting them to join her movement and live their business adventure and personal growth.

Emerging in Difficult Times

Unlike many, difficult times have presented Sanores and her ventures an opportunity to continue growing and strengthening her determination to improve every day. An example of this is the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which dealt a severe blow to many businesses.

In these times, Sanores and her team continue working with the same productivity and have focused their efforts on maintaining the continuity of their business. Thanks to the fact that it is a completely digital environment, it is possible to maintain stability without affecting any of the partners.

In addition to being an innovative area, the business movement contributes to reducing the uncertainty and moments of insecurity that can be experienced at the business level. This allows them to continue generating opportunities for those who wish to embark on the path to financial freedom.

Decision and Action

For Sanores to start in this business is to make decisions that lead to actions. She assures us that making the decision to move forward and doing so are aspects that go hand in hand and allow us to achieve great results, above doubts or fear.

“I made the decision not to work in a traditional company, to be free financially, to help more than 70 people earn 10 thousand dollars a month and I started working to make it a fact.”

Know your Potential

This successful entrepreneur ensures that knowing your potential is what will drive you to grow. She emphasizes that it is not possible to advance in your goal if you do not trust the power within you to achieve it and it is this aspect that will make you go further every day.

Today, she has managed to form a team with more than thirty thousand people around the world who have decided to achieve their financial freedom and embark on the path to their dreams. She suggests that one should visualize their purpose, wait for their time, and never stop working for their goal.

“The power of intention is what will allow you to embrace that dream so strongly that you work on it every day of your life. Success depends entirely on you. Commit yourself and take action.”

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Kevin Leyes

Written by Kevin Leyes

Kevin Leyes is the Chairman of Leyes Enterprises and the Founder and CEO of Team Leyes, an urban jewelry company, and Leyes Media, an SMM and PR agency. He is an Official Member of the Forbes Business Council and Young Entrepreneur Council.

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