The Next Crypto Gem TV Show Films at the End of March, Airs September 7th

Jett Tang, Executive Producer of The Next Crypto Gem, was always drawn to entertainment from an early age. He played in bands and participated in independent films, but ultimately he was a businessman. As an investment banker who spent years brokering mergers and acquisitions, crypto fell on his radar around 2016. After many years as just a crypto investor and VC, last fall Jett  developed a community around a project called Hourglass. They started as a group of people simply interested in advancing Web3 and grew into a movement. But during the early days of Hourglass, the vision for the future was still cloudy.

The question was, “what can we do for crypto?” The media is simply not fair in their reporting of the blockchain space. Projects doing good do not get the coverage while scandals and fraud dominate headlines. Jett happened to be close with NEFT Vodka, who had been building their ultra niche premium vodka brand with over 20 sister companies within their conglomerate. He met with the executives there and they loved the concept of integrating blockchain and crypto with their brands. Soon after the meeting, NEFT  became one of the largest holders of Hourglass.  Together with the existing community, they hope to change the narrative behind blockchain. Since mainstream news outlets love SBF scandals, they wanted to counter that with something that shows all the good happening in the industry. 

The Next Crypto Gem TV Show will be a competitive reality show format. The exact challenges the contestants will face are purposely not being released but they are promised to be fun and entertaining.  Crypto Influencers Brian D. Evans, Layah Heilpern and George Tung will judge the contestants that make it to the final four and determine the winner.  Original “Shark Tank” shark Kevin Harrington will also guest star.  The Next Crypto Gem will be broadcast on both  bspoke TV and Insight TV across its ever growing network of 178 platforms in 55 Countries and 12 languages. Confirmed platforms include Amazon Prime, PlutoTV, SamsungTV and LG. 

The goal is bringing crypto in a fun and entertaining format to the masses while also educating them on the space. The shows will sprinkle in concepts such as tokenomics, crypto basics, and blockchain understanding. The script and the pacing is designed to entertain but so those that have no understanding of this industry can enjoy the program right along with their degen counterparts. They hope to be a bridge. To outsiders, many feel that we in the crypto world live in a bubble. There is a culture and a group of personalities that are known, but the outside world has no exposure to it. The Next Crypto Gem will be that exposure. 

bspoketv already has a digital streaming channel that is ad supported and flowing into over 50 million homes. With the addition of Insight TV, The Next Crypto Gem will be available in over 350 million homes globally. In addition, they will be taking the show to the Miptv conference in Cannes this April, which will bring even more distribution. 

The format of the show will be recognized by the masses, even if they don’t know what crypto is. More than likely, degens around the globe will have friends and family reaching out to talk about crypto after watching the action packed episodes that The Next Crypto Gem is preparing to film now. And here is the major scoop we’ll leave you with, Insight TV has already signed up for season two. 


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