The nightlife industry has been growing since the past few decades and the trend never seems to slow down according to observers, perhaps that’s the only reason many players have jumped into this space and have got secured themselves a hot spot which has turned out to be a favorite hangout for many.

Milos Stevanovic is amongst such entrepreneurs who have established multiple establishments which cater specially to late-night party goers. He is a New York Club business vice president of entertainment for 23 Club Miami, Sal’s Miami Restaurant, IG-FIT Health Club, Mirage Miami, Synergy Fitness Clubs, Miami Vanity Nightclub, and New York Vanity Gentleman Lounge. He is extremely satisfied with the way his professional career has shaped up as he’s forever interested in establishing many such ventures as his interests solely lie in this zone.

Milos says that he was always around the restaurant and nightlife business as his brother had been a part of it since the very beginning, with him joining hands soon after to transition their restaurant business into a nightclub.

He was initially into the fitness business and later joined in to make his mark in the nightclub business, which he carried forward with élan. According to him, there’s a lot of hard work that comes along with this industry, and he himself started out by working as an operations manager, learning the nitty-gritty’s of the business, and then gradually moved ahead to take charge of the top spot.

He says that establishing a nightlife business in New York and Miami is tough if you’re not sure of what you’re doing. After the pandemic hit the globe, it has been more difficult for nightclubs to survive as it has taken a toll on this business majorly.

Bars and nightclubs were the worst affected during the global pandemic as social-distancing was an important requisite the world over and these venues were all about crowds flocking and spending time in close proximity. As the pandemic started spreading bars and nightclubs were the first to down shutters and this affected their business badly.

Those times were tough indeed as wading through the rough weather was not everyone’s cup of tea and many had to close curtains for good. However, Milos was determined enough to keep sailing till the weather settled down and establishments started opening up slowly. “Even though the impact of the pandemic has been great, the business seems to be recovering slowly, and it is predicted to grow at an exponential rate in the near future,” says Milos.

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