The Number One Enemy of Healthy Teeth

You can probably guess it.

Energy drinks and soda has risen to become a large part of the diet of grown-ups, children, and youngsters. This is an unhealthy trend that dentists around the world are trying to tackle, day by day. Energy drinks are the number one enemy, but other more “innocent” carbon dioxide drinks are also wreaking havoc on our teeth. 

A shocking truth is that almost half of all youngsters drink energy drinks either once in a while – some even every day. It’s inevitable, then, that a lot of them are going to develop some serious acid damages to their teeth. 

A Trend On the Rise

Stores are bursting with exciting drinking variations. Sodas of all kinds of tastes, carbonated water, uncarbonated water, and most of all, a large diversity of energy drinks – a drink with carbon dioxide, caffeine, and lots of sugar, which is designed to give youngsters a boost in their lives. And not just on weekends, but during weekdays as well! 

How Do Energy Drinks Damage Our Teeth?

In order for you to properly understand what happens to your teeth, it’s useful to think of a coin. It’s been proven many times that if you place a dirty and rusty coin into soda, and let it stay there, it will eventually become super clean. This might sound like a good thing, but not when you think about the enamel we have on our teeth. 

Our enamel is a quite strong layer that protects the softer inner core of our teeth. The keyword is strong, however – not unbreakable. When we take in drinks that have a pH value that’s too different from 7, which is neutral, our teeth are gradually worn down over time. This might lead to our teeth actually becoming shorter as well, in addition to becoming thinner and more fragile, which in turn leads to holes. 

As mentioned previously, dentists around the world are doing what they can to battle this constant problem of energy drinks. In Norway, which provides one of the world’s safest dental treatments, different measures are taken in many clinics. At Tannlegenei23 for instance, a local dental clinic in Jessheim, Norway, dentists have realized that they can’t force their clients who seek Tannlege Jessheim to stop taking in energy drinks. Instead, they make a point to remind them of some simple tips like using a straw whenever they consume it, as well as rinsing their mouth with water afterwards. 

The Benefit

Taking proper care of your teeth is one of the most important life decisions you will make. If you don’t, you will have to go through a lot of uncomfortable visits to the dentist. After all, one of the reasons so many people fear going to the dentist, is that they often have some hole they need to drill. 

It’s needless to state how uncomfortable it is to have a drilling tool in our mouth, and although some might feel it’s no big deal, it’s still unnecessary if we can prevent our teeth from needing this treatment in the first place. 


Written by Geir Kristiansen

My name is Geir Kristiansen. I have the last 20 years worked in Norways biggest newspapers writing content and creating interview pieces. Writing about pretty much anything that readers find interesting. Now I work freelance! Looking forward to joining Influencive and contributing with high quality content.

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