The One Piece of Advice That Launched This Small-Town Boy to Becoming One of Louisiana’s Most Celebrated Young Attorneys

In the last year, lawyers around the world have had to adapt their methods and strategies to conform to a new digital world. For many, this was a difficult, if not detrimental shift. Fortunately for Chaz Roberts, a leading Louisiana personal injury lawyer, technology has been a pillar of his practice for years. At 36 years old, Roberts provides a unique blend of youthful vigor and 10+ years of experience practicing law.

“I’m young, active and up to date on modern technology but I also bring a level of experience that younger attorneys have not acquired yet,” explains Roberts.

Roberts was born and raised in a small, rural town in Louisiana. The son of a single mother, he experienced a humble upbringing and his mother worked tirelessly to make ends meet. From a young age, teachers and mentors recognized unique gifting in Roberts and teasingly encouraged him to become a lawyer one day.  “I don’t know if it is because I liked to prove my point, or because I always had to have the last word,” Roberts joked. Though he had never met a lawyer nor could he understand all that went into practicing law, he began to dream of attending law school and becoming an attorney. His dreams came true when he was accepted into Louisiana State University’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center. Though he was thrilled to be attending law school, he could not help but feel disadvantaged in the classroom.

“I felt like the dumbest person in the room,” Roberts recalls.

Having not been raised around lawyers, or even exposed to many wealthy individuals, a lot of the lingo was lost on him. “I was the product of a public school education in the tiny rural town of Cecilia, Louisiana, and it took me a while to realize that I could hang with those from more celebrated pedigree.” Looking back, Roberts sees this as a blessing in disguise, as his practice was not influenced by anything or anyone. His methods and client approach were uniquely his own, and his openness and relatability resonated with clients from the beginning. “I have created my law firm in what I, as a normal person, envision a law firm to be with no nonsense.”

After graduating and passing the bar exam, Roberts got his first job at a defense firm. He quickly realized that representing insurance companies and big businesses were not for him. He began to work as a contract lawyer and took casework from other lawyers and worked part time with the public defender’s office before he set out on his own to found Chaz Roberts Law. “I started out in a broom closet, my rent was $150.00 a month, and I was using my law school laptop,” says Roberts with a chuckle, “But I believe those humble beginnings were instrumental in forming the lawyer I am today.”

“Early on, I took the cases that no other attorney wanted, which made me a better lawyer and put my name out there.” Though Roberts has since gone on to build a beautiful office and bring on a supportive staff, money was extremely tight in those early days. However, his budget forced him to rely on new technology where other lawyers still maintained a more old school and expensive approach to managing caseloads.

“I was an early adopter of Dropbox, simply because it was the most affordable option!” says Roberts.

More recently, he began utilizing texting software, digital intakes, docusign,  and Zoom in an effort to better serve a younger client demographic. Hence, when the pandemic altered the legal landscape, Roberts and his team were quick to adapt.

“In actuality, we didn’t have to change much,” says Roberts, “Though nothing can ever take the place of personal interaction, technology has allowed vital consultations, meetings, and legal proceedings to continue, which is a huge blessing.”

So, what advice would this small-town boy turned celebrated young attorney give to others with big dreams and humble beginnings? “Be yourself and use what you’ve got…even when ‘what you’ve got’ feels like less than those you’re up against,” Roberts says. “You never know when the tides will turn and your resourcefulness might be the very thing that sets you apart.”

Chaz Roberts is a devoted husband and father of two. He is an avid runner and has taken up golf in the last two years. He is an active member of his Lafayette community where he coaches youth sports teams and serves on the Louisiana Public Defender Board. Having once been the underdog himself, he is dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation to anyone in need of help.

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