The One Thing You Should Actually Be Focusing On To Grow Your Business

Cue the Alanis Morissette…

Isn’t it ironic?

As human beings, we have more information available to us now than ever before, yet this overload of insight can make it difficult to confidently commit to decisions.

There are galaxies worth of content out there filled with tips, strategies, and hacks that are designed to move us forward in powerful ways, but this becomes counterproductive when we consume so much information that there’s little time to implement it powerfully. Beyond that, the expert opinions are constantly changing, evolving and conflicting, which can make the quest to better yourself and your business even more frustrating.

It becomes nearly impossible to know what to actually focus on!

Constantly seeking and relying on the newest trends and tactics has a time and a place, but prioritizing this over all else can add unnecessary stress and anxiety to your life, sabotaging your growth and draining your energy.

When it comes to things they should focus on consistently, however, many entrepreneurs overlook the most important component of their business—themselves.

By strategically focusing on your development and your ability to maintain high levels of clarity and drive, you will exponentially increase your bandwidth as a leader and business owner.

No matter what happens to the market, or with the constantly changing social media algorithms, or the latest expert tactics, when you maximize your ability to show up powerfully for your business, you set yourself up for limitless growth and success.


You Are the Race Car Driver

When I help my clients to build thriving businesses and fulfilling lives—it’s about having fun—I always have them think in terms of a race car.

Your business is the car, and you are the driver. Right now, there is an endless supply of upgrades you can make to your car.

“If you ain’t first….”

You can get a faster engine, newer tires, or a polarized windshield that helps you see the track more clearly.  

But if you spend all of your time and energy upgrading your car while neglecting to improve your skills as a driver, you are much more likely to become overwhelmed by the new additions, and you may crash.

As a driver, however, your most important assets are your clarity, persistence and ability to navigate the track. So doesn’t it make sense to intentionally find ways to increase your bandwidth in those areas so that when you do decide to upgrade your engine, you can leverage it much more effectively?

Your growth is more dependant on your ability to maximize yourself than it is on your ability to learn about the latest tool, tip or tactic.  And the best part is, when you are consistently intentional about finding ways to grow, you can better utilize the new bells and whistles when you strategically choose to do so.

Focus On You

So if you want to grow your business, put yourself first. That may sound a little selfish, but it’s actually the least selfish thing you can do for your success.

Think about it.

When you are feeling positive, healthy, energetic and focused, how powerfully do you show up for your business?

How productive and outgoing and relentless do you become when you are living as your fullest self?

And when you consistently feel this way when you attack your goals and obstacles, does your business massively move forward in an impactful way?

If you answered yes, then you owe it to yourself to spend time intentionally working on you and investing your energy into things that expand you.

Read new books, work with new coaches, try new activities that push your boundaries physically and socially. Spend more time developing yourself as the critical asset to your success, and waste less energy on obsessing about the latest tool or expert tactic.

At the end of the day, you are your business. And as cheesy as it sounds, when you are living as your best self, your business is growing in an impactful way.

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