The Passionate And Fun-loving, Rony Jabour, A Preacher Of Safety And Health At Workplaces

“Passion.” The word is defined as a feeling of doing something great that is instilled in an individual from the very start. Every single person living in the world today dreams of giving their utmost in their respective fields and making a mark in their respective industries. However, even though the burning desire to be known for doing something extraordinary is quite strong, not everyone has the guts and the courage to pursue their dreams. 

Finding a passion is just the first step, and there are countless steps a person has to climb before they reach the final stage of victory. And the key to success is working hard to reach the top. The people who are idolized today are those who not only stayed true to their passions but also gave everything in to prove their worth. And there is no better example in this regard than Rony Jabour. 

Rony Jabour is no ordinary human; the Brazilian born individual is an exceptional OSHA trainer. His efforts are not just recognized by those relevant to the field; his fluency in three languages has helped him reach out to people throughout the world. His passion and determination are admired by many!


Rony Jabour was born in Brazil, and he resided there until he was 21 years old. He was always known to be the owner of a unique personality. His ideas were always different, and he had a way of looking at things positively, regardless of how tough the situations were. 

After he graduated as an Agricultural Technician, Rony Jabour moved to Boston. Immediately, he began working as a construction worker in Boston, Massachusetts. He not only excelled at his job, but he was also great at making friends. His lively personality attracted everyone’s attention, and he loved having to joke around with people.

He was in the construction industry for almost eight years. During that time, he noticed and learned a great deal of stuff. But the most significant thing he learned was about himself- that he was passionate about helping people look after themselves. 

While working, Rony Jabour noticed that everyday people in his team were exposed to several dangers. At times, people were open to threats to their lives as well, but nobody paid heed to it. But he couldn’t let it go. And this was when he realized what he was actually meant to do.

Deciding to take up the responsibility to help his colleagues realize the importance of health and safety measures, Rony Jabour started teaching his team members to look after themselves. Every day, he would look out, making sure that everyone was following the basics of safety and health. He really looked forward to leading his team members, ensuring their safety and motivating them to be careful. 

Rony knew that he wanted to continue doing this for the rest of his life.


Struck with the realization, Rony Jabour’s next step was to join Keene State College, to learn more about OSHA, and sharpen his skills. He got admitted in the OSHA Training Institute, where he excelled at every course he took up. Rony also earned an array of certifications and licenses, including Safety and Health Official in Construction, Safety and Health Specialist for General Industry, Safety and Health Specialist for Fire Prevention & Life Safety, Excavation, Trenching, and Soil Mechanics along several others.

Right after he became certified, Rony Jabour launched his school, United Safety Net, the largest safety training institute in English, Spanish and Portuguese in the U.S. The aim of the school is to spread awareness about the various hazards and threats at workplaces and how to reduce accidents by practicing health and safety measures. 

He also began delivering speeches in an attempt to increase awareness about OSHA. In 2013, he was invited by the United States Department of Labor to extend his knowledge about the importance of safety at the workplace. He was invited again in 2016, while in 2012, he was invited to Harvard University to deliver a speech. He was also given a certificate for his efforts by Harvard University. 

But Rony Jabour did not stop there. At the time of crisis, he got himself certified by the WHO and helped people learn ways to protect themselves from Coronavirus. 

Rony Jabour’s hard work and perseverance has brought him to become one of the most requested OSH trainer throughout the United States. Over the years, he has trained more than 15,000 workers making him the number 1 authorized OSHA Safety Trainer in New England. Rony Jabour holds two master’s certification from the University of Texas Arlington and is hoping to making a change in the world!

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