The Peoples’ Chief Mindset Officer and Public Speaker: The Story of Puya Ghandian

Puya Ghandian lives to inspire others to take ownership of their lives to achieve more. He’s a prolific motivational public speaker and teaches from experience. Using what he has learned as an entrepreneur, Puya has discovered the principles of success and teaches people to apply them to their personal and professional lives. Today, he partners with like-minded people who want to make the world a more abundant and fulfilling place.

When Puya was 17 years old, he worked at a grocery store and had an encounter that would set him on his life’s path. As he was helping a woman to her car, she gave him a gift: a personal development book called The Slight Edge. This book helped him to realize the value of continuous self improvement, and he started incorporating its principles into his everyday life.

Continuing on his path, he followed his passion for improving peoples’ lives. He became a Results Coach through the Tony Robbins Organization, and now takes his message to hundreds of thousands of eager listeners. Over the last ten years Puya has created a billion dollar company, using word-of-mouth marketing, and he has become the #1 earner in Neora.

If you were to ask Puya what motivates him, he would tell you he wants to help anyone and everyone with a drive to reach their “why.” But when he started out, his why was much simpler. He wanted to help his parents financially and take care of the ones he loved. Even though his mission has evolved over time, one thing is certain.

Puya always wants what is best for others. That’s why his goal is to help new entrepreneurs create SMART goals and business strategies. He wants to see them succeed in all they do. “Financial freedom for ME is achieving the heights in life where I’m signing the ‘Giving Pledge.’ Spending the first half of my life accumulating wealth to spend the second half giving it all away. In my line of business the more people I help and support the larger we grow,” he says.

Anyone on a journey to find authentic happiness in their work and home lives finds success through Puya’s methods. He offers hands-on tips rooted in science and psychology. He inspires people to focus on change that will achieve the highest results for their short-term and long-term goals. “Our passion is to help train, motivate, and coach entrepreneurs on a different mindset and sales strategies that will help multiply their businesses in a short period of time. We often teach, no matter how small you start, start with the things that matter most,” he says.

Puya recognizes the fear in our lives. But he believes we can conquer fear with the right tools. There’s an inner voice we all hear that comes from doubt, or a lack of understanding. Fear is a limiting belief. In other words, it’s all mental and it can be overcome. He’s felt uncertainty himself when he had to shift his entire mindset during the global pandemic.

He had to figure out how to serve hundreds of thousands of people in conferences, retreats, and functions in a virtual world. But Puya refused to let it stop him. Part of overcoming fear is living a life of meaning and purpose. Knowing that your legacy will live on, even after you die. “I would like to be remembered as someone who did the best that he could with the talent that he had,” says Puya.

What’s next for Puya? He is starting the discussion of alternative food and energy sources to further the longevity of our planet. He also believes we are heading toward a trend of increasing entrepreneurs and people seeking more fulfilling lives. And he wants to be a part of it. You can follow Puya on Instagram @PuyasWorld.

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