The Perfect Online Quran Classes at the Comfort of Your Home

If Covid has halted your child’s Quran learning for more than a year now, or you are not satisfied with the current Quran classes your kids are learning from currently. Don’t worry at all; this Ramadan, we have to find the best fix for Quran Learning; Online Quran Classes at Quran for Kids.

Many online Quran academies have surfaced in the past year or so to facilitate Quran learning without further compromise or halt that Covid has caused. But with numerous options and fascinating features, it does get confusing and mostly overwhelming while selecting the academy for Quran learning.

Hence, to ease your stress and gain some rewards this Ramadan, we are thrilled to inform you that we have narrow our search to Quran for kids after constant trials and various hits and misses in finding the best online Quran academy over the internet.

An online Quran academy that offers efficient and effective Quran learning solution like no other.

It’s a solid competitor for offline madrasa and possibly better if not the same. It’s an ideal solution for Covid learning, is technologically advanced, offers the best Quran classes, remarkable course outline and great value, amongst other features.

So if you are looking not to halt your kids Quran learning anymore during this unprecedented time, we highly suggest giving Quran for kids.

To further convince and persuade you to do so; we have jotted down some of its promising features that will interest you and definitely incline you towards this specific Quran academy.

Here are our reasons why you should choose Quran for Kids as your child primary Quran learning solution.

Quran for Kids; modernizing the way of Quran learning through online Quran classes 

Before listing down the features, we found fascinating and genuinely compelling of this Quran academy; it will be wise to familiarize you with the academy first. (You can obviously check them out by yourself at to be further acquainted with them in-depth).

Quran for Kids is an online Quran academy that operates from UK and USA but caters to the global mass. They have a very welcoming and facilitating environment that expert tutors, councillor and administrators lead.

They offer an effective and efficient online Quran learning solution that is ideal for kids, their parents and perfect in this day and age with Covid at its peak and technology being a crucial part of life.

With their Quran classes, this online Quran academy intends to foster a community in kids specifically from a very young age to promote the Islamic way of life by being adequate in the Quran and its teachings. Hence they constantly work to improve and be par with technology to facilitate their students and their parents best simultaneously.

Hence from numerous courses to expert tutors, flexible schedule, agency to manoeuvre the course, affordable fee and more, Quran for Kids, in our opinion, ranks highest on the list of Quran academies offering the best Quran classes for kids.

Offering the best features for online Quran classes

Here are the distinctive features of this Quran academy that sets it apart from its competitors and ranks it on the top.


We have heard numerous people complain about how Covid has halted every aspect of life in various ways. We have seen how parents are genuinely worried about their kids’ education, especially Islamic education that is still hasn’t bounced back from the Covid hit as other sectors have.

Hence academies coming with an online Quran classesconcept/option not only ensure seamless Quran learning but ensures safety as well as comfort.

For a parent sending kids to madrassa or other in-person Quran institutes in these unprecedented times may be a challenging decision that needs to be made, partly because Covid seems to be ever-evolving and hitting the population with new waves and variants.

Posing a threat of contraction with even slight negligence, therefore Quran for kid’s Quran classes is the best option; no physical interaction limits the chances of being exposed to Covid extensively.

And god for a bit, either the student or the Quran tutor is exposed to it; it will not halt the learning in any way. And if, for instance, a tutor has severely affected and is unable to continue, another equally qualified and cooperative tutor will take over and ensure a seamless transition and learning.

The other reason online Quran classes for kids combat is the threat of being assaulted or harassed.

Times have become very unpredictable, and the cases of child abuse surface on and off, which may result in distancing their kids from Quran learning to ensure their safety which may be a smart action for the time being but may create issues in the long run.

Hence online Quran academies initiative appears ideal for this issue as well because it eliminates the physical abuse entirely, and parents can keep a check on their kids learning in real-time as well, which ensures kids safety and immediate action if something inappropriate takes place.

And the best is, Quran for kids take feedbacks very seriously and assure quick serious actions. However, such instances don’t take place with this academy because of their rigorous hiring procedure.


We have all heard the phrase that “Time is of the essence”, which is particularly true in the race of success, and due to the competitive nature of life today, it often gets hard to take out time for things that matter, especially your kid’s Quran learning.

The traditional way of Quran learning may be an issue for many parents’ in terms of a scheduling conflict, but with this online Quran classes academy, that issue is no more.

Quran for kids are an understanding and cooperative Quran academy that facilitates their stakeholders in every way possible therefore;, they offer 24/7 classes services that can be beneficial for all.

They allow the students/parents to schedule their classes as per their own convenience to ensure that their education is not affected due to their scheduling. And one of the outstanding features of this particular academy is that they cater for a global audience.

Hence if you are travelling or unable to commit to the previous set timing, you can always find an expert tutor at the academy to accommodate you at any time of the day.

With Quran for Kids, there is no more burdening the child with back to back classes and not letting a busy schedule become hectic.

Learn the Quran shouldn’t feel like a load, and this Quran academy ensures that is the case; the flexibility in timing, availability of online expert tutors, and a cooperative administration makes this academy an ideal institute to get the child enrolled in.


Learning Quran may not be the most challenging task, but learning it effectively and accurately may be the most significant issue most people and trust us, this Quran academy will assist kids in countering that issue.

Any institute is as good as the faculty they have hired, and with Quran for Kids, we can assure that their online Quran tutors are experts in their respective field, with an excellent grasp on the subject, a practical approach towards teaching, are technologically advance and are experienced in handling children of all age groups.

The tutors devise exclusive strategic plans for every child to foster a great learning environment, which is led by unique interactive approaches to facilitate the student with their particular needs and to ensure their interest is developed and retained throughout the sessions.

Another significant aspect of this Quran academy that we found interesting and believe should be normalized throughout is having a mix of expert Quran tutors. Many Quran academies we came across had really great features, but they lack inclusivity.

Having only male Quran teachers may not be preferred by many, and Quran for Kids understand this.

They have a wide range of expert ullamas who are just as good as their male counterparts, knowledgeable and with adequate skillset.

And are preferred by many for their kids, especially significantly younger ones, as they foster a motherly, welcoming assistive learning environment that keeps the child interested.

Another aspect that grabbed our attention was that since this Quran academy caters for a global audience, they take inclusivity and diversity very seriously.

They understand that not every student of theirs will be comfortable learning solely in English and Arabic; hence their tutors are good with various languages, which help in teaching, explaining and clarifying the course more properly.

As far as credibility goes, we couldn’t get the exact hiring criteria for But what we gather through our search was that this Quran academy takes hiring very seriously; they do a thorough search and have a strict standard.

The tutor they have onboard come highly recommended, and after a thorough trial period, they are offered a place at the academy.

However, this still continues to evaluate their performance to ensure that their students are getting the best of the best.


With hands-on experience in teaching and being par with the latest technology and teaching trends are Quran tutors are always looking to improve their skillset and their teaching methods.

By taking a good set of courses from different tutors, we can guarantee that the delivery of the content is highly effective and efficient. In a 45 to 60 minute long session, they are able to cover a lot without overburdening or stretching the session unnecessary.

Their Quran classes near me are highly interactive and entraining, unlike any other classes of various online academies, which are monotonous and treat every student in the same exact way.

Whereas Quran for Kids goes an extra mile to ensure that the students enjoy learning hence, they adopt modern contemporary learning methods such as making use of quizzes, games, interactive videos and more in assist I n adequate Quran learning.

Moreover, they understand that not every child has the same pace of learning or the attention plan; consequently, they re-strategize their course plan implementation exclusive to every student.

They also understand that not all students feel comfortable studying in a group; hence offer one-on-one sessions to ensure effective learning and a promising learning process.

Their official mode of communication is Skype, and their entire sessions are centred around facilitating the students in the best way possible; in fact, we gathered that their sessions are not only quicker than other online class academies but have a seamless progression with no compromise on learning.

As mentioned, this Quran academy is based in the UK and USA; hence, their adequacy, accuracy, and advancement are incomparable.

They have recurring training sessions to ensure that their teaching methods are on par with global progress and to ensure that they are equipped to deal with all sorts of students and their individual needs.

Quran for Kids, as expected as of now, tends to go the extra mile to ensure effective learning. Therefore, their training also includes getting familiar with a local example, anecdote, and norms to make the student understand the lecture better and quicker.

The focus at this institute is to promote a holistic approach and cultivate learning rather than getting the course done for the sake of it. And that is why we are so fond of their teaching methodology is phenomenal in our opinion, and it is safe to say that they are a student-centric institute that ensures that their students are up to date with Islamic teaching and the advancing technological world.


Courses/programs that are offered are the lifelines of the institute, one of the core reasons why people gravitate towards that particular institute over others. Like mentioned earlier, we have gone through many online Quran academies, and most of them offer the same course through and through with little to no variation.

However, the Quran for kids grabbed our attention instantly with their wide variety of courses that included standard courses. Along with essential courses and aid in Islamic learning often go unnoticed.

The Quran classes online by Quran for kids are designed very tactfully to cater for every element of Islamic learning by the expert tutors.

The ranges of courses offered, in our opinion, are easy to understand and lay a strong foundation of religious ideology amongst the children. From memorization to understanding to implementation, the curated courses here are designed to do all.

Before we list down the courses they offered, we would suggest checking them out on your own at their website as they have detailed sections that lay out the course’s intent, features, and eligibility criteria.

But one thing is for sure, no matter what course in opted for the child, the in-depth learning will not only make them profound in that respect area but will foster a keen interest in Islam and its ideology.

Following are the courses laid out in the order similar to the order on the website;

Recitation with Tajweed

This course is specifically designed to nurture children and assist them in familiarizing themselves with Quran, Arabic language and tajweed. This basic course is ideal for any child of any age group irrespective of their prior knowledge as the course is of introductory level; hence the trajectory is straightforward.

The flow of the course focuses on the one step at a time concept; first, students are acquainted with Arabic alphabets, then words, and gradually work on their pronunciation.

Translation of Quran

It is necessary to know the translation of the Quran, especially if Arabic is not your first language and to understand the Quran at a young age facilitates sound learning and promising progression in the Islamic way of life.

This course is designed to familiarize students with translations of every surah and ayat to help them understand the gravity of the Quran and its teachings.

Memorization and Tafseer

Learning Quran by heart is an outstanding achievement that every Muslim seeks for and though many online Quran classesoffer the Quran memorization course, which is mostly one dimensional in our opinion.

This course by Quran for kids helps the students be masters of Quran recitation and memorization with a sufficient understanding of tajweed rules. The courses also provide students with schedules to further assist them in memorizing surah at their convenience and pace to ensure effective learning.

Tajweed and Tarteel

This academy focuses on proper pronunciation a lot as, according to them, the wrong pronunciation of a word can change its meaning entirely; hence they take extra care to assure students have perfect pronunciation.

Moreover, this course also helps the students to work on their tonality for rhythmic fluent recitation.

Basic Islamic Education and Daily supplications

In our opinion, this is an essential course that is not often seen in the curriculum of many Quran academies.

This course is designed to provide holistic Islamic learning where students are taught about Islam, the foundation, the struggles, mission, mission and the expected path of righteousness. A great way to develop empathy and inclination towards Islam and the Islamic way of life.

Arabic Course

Arabic is a vital language for Muslims to know off in order to understand Islam and its teaching best since the religion did initially bestowed upon Arabs.

Surprisingly enough, not many Quran academies have this course in their curriculum which is, in our opinion, is an unfortunate thing.

Since the Arabic language assists students in understanding their other courses more effectively and help them communicate with Arabs, especially during pilgrimage hence, this course is an excellent addition to the range of the Quran for Kids curriculum.

They teach Arabic to their students from a beginner’s level, from alphabets to grammar, vocabulary, proper sentence formation, pronunciation, and more. Indeed much more than Quran learning but definitely a must.


No matter how good of an institute one is with advancements, expert faculty, nuanced courses but it all comes down to how they are with the students. A good institute, in our opinion, is the one that respects its students and takes their concerns very seriously, and much to no one’s surprise, by now Quran for Kids is just that.

They not only offer impeccable online Quran classes but a great value of money; to start with, they allow the students and the parents to take charge of the trajectory of the child’s learning, from selecting the course, the tutor, the timing and the package.

They offer a week-long free trial to every student before the payment to ensure that they like the course, the delivery, the pace and the teacher. Instances in which they are not comfortable with the teacher or their style of teaching, Quran for Kids immediately offer the student with a new teacher.

They also take feedback very seriously and try their level to accommodate students in the best way possible to ensure seamless learning. The courses too are very economical and great value for money.

In fact, the academy offers more than just online Quran classes; they have multiple platforms that can be accessed for free and have free blogs to which deal with various niches, from Islamic history to rules, the importance of certain thing and basically any topic that helps to facilitate a better righteous way of life.


We highly recommend this Quran academy for its holistic curriculum, hardworking faculty and administration, 24/7 accessibility of the resources, and student centricity.

The aspect that stands out the most for us is that they strive to build a global community that is on par with Islam, its learning and promoting a healthy, holistic, righteous way of life.

If you like what you read, and we are hoping you are intrigued, be sure to check Quran for Kids; the easy navigation and instant availability of their institute represented will guide you more appropriately and help you to understand why we are gushing over this online Quran academy.

All in all, we are glad to find this spectacular Quran Academy this Ramadan, a great blessing indeed; we recommend them cent per cent, and we guarantee you will too. Quran for Kids, changing the view of how we see Quran learning, from a forced obligation to a preferred choice of education with their incredible online Quran classes for kids.

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