The Persian Immigrants DAO is fighting in crypto and NFT world against discrimination about oversized ladies.

In the hype world of NFTs, people are buying and selling their digital collectibles to make profit and deliver their news to others. One project that has been recently taking off is Bad Ass Fam. Bad Ass Fam is one of the first NFT projects out there that are supporting oversized people with a clear roadmap of helping and donations.

Being oversized has always been an issue for people and made them hide in society. Bad Ass Fam has come to NFT space to show their support to all oversized people especially oversized ladies. This project has created a great and supportive community in this space.

Bad Ass Fam with charity purposes to oversized people has really captured people attention around the project and there are one of the fast-growing communities in NFT space.

They have very clear goals for their community along with great utilities for their holders. Unlimited access to a platform which provides all social media tips to grow fast and organic is one of the exciting features of many utilities they are offering.

Why should you buy Bad Ass Fam.

It is very hard and complicated to find the best NFT project nowadays. There are many NFT collections that have been very successful due to many reasons like the engagement of their community in both Discord and Twitter or other social media platforms and also the team behind the project and the utilities they offer to the buyers are the other reasons to make a project successful.

Bad Ass Fam is one of the collections out there showing a clear path for the future of the project via roadmap in their Website and high level of engagement in both their Twitter and Discord. They are constantly having announcements in their socials and going live on twitter spaces with an open mic AMA.

Where can you find the latest updates and how can you mint?

You can currently find latest news about their mint date and whitelist spots on Twitter, Discord and theirWebsite.

They have recently announced their mint date to begin in July and allowed each wallet to mint a maximum of 10 NFT per wallet.

Whitelist spots are very much important to be in due to their high volume of engagements. You should definitely participate in their games or challenges in their socials to earn the spot and secure your NFT on pre-sale.

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