The Petaverse

We’ve all heard of the metaverse. But what about the Petaverse? Well, one NFT project called DOGAMÍ is out to change that. This article will dive into what the project is about and how it works.


The Dogs of DOGAMÍ have gone intergalactic and descended upon Earth, just in time for us to give them the care that they deserve. Showered with affection and trained lovingly, the furry friends will soon increase their population – though that’s nothing compared to what lies beyond! A strange yet exciting universe awaits everyone, full of mysteries to be explored together!

The Petaverse?

Basically, it’s an augmented reality (AR) social experience that “breaks the digital fourth wall to give players total immersion in an augmented social universe bridging the physical realm and the virtual world we express ourselves in.” Sometimes these worlds are better when navigated with a friend, which is why DOGAMÍ’s NFTs are cute puppies that players can bond with instantly. They’ll also be there to go on adventures with you which might help with loneliness. The Petaverse is an open world where players can roam around with their DOGAMÍs and can meet other players and their DOGAMÍs along the way.

Simplified Mechanics 

DOGAMÍ is a play-to-earn (P2E) game with customizable and upgradeable NFTs. DOGAMÍ players have several options for gameplay: “adopt, play, earn (based on contributions), compete, and socialize.” The main objective is to develop the best and rarest virtual pup in the Petaverse. This can be done through nurturing your doggo with training or exercise. The more you nurture your friend, the better your bonding level is, which corresponds to a better overall DOGAMÍ. It’s really a combination of P2E gameplay and gamified DeFi. DOGAMÍ is happening on the Tezos blockchain.

Ways To Earn

Straight from the whitepaper, DOGAMÍ has multiple ways to earn for players:

  • Nurturing your Dogamí
  • Competing in mini-games to win leaderboard prizes
  • Breeding Dogamís and selling them on the marketplace
  • Adopting and trading rare Dogamís
  • Farming accessories and NFTs, that can be sold on the secondary market
  • Participating in various activities for the benefit of the network, e.g. participating in governance
  • Dog sitting for other players


DOGAMÍ gameplay basically includes adopting (minting or buying), raising, and bonding with your virtual pupper through its different life stages (puppy, adult, and spirit). Each phase of life has different activities and completing them will allow the player to move on to the next phase of life. The puppy phase is all about feeding, cleaning, and playing with your four-legged companion. The adult phase lets players breed and has options to compete in real-world canine-inspired games. The spirit phase allows players to purchase plots of land and host activities on their land while receiving a percentage of proceeds.


DOGAMÍ is a complex NFT project incorporating P2E and DeFi concepts with Augmented Reality. DOGAMÍ also taps into the cerebral part of our brains that wants to care for something besides ourselves. Many people aren’t ready to care for a real pet because it’s a big responsibility, so this may be a great option to fulfill those desires while also having the ability to participate in a community with rewards to boot!


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