The Physical Therapist’s Guide To Winning More Patients Through Social Media

Social media marketing is a very beneficial strategy to find potential patients as a Physical Therapist. For winning new patients over, you need to leverage social media to build a strong online presence where potential clients can discover you.

Here are a few pointers to crushing it on social media as a Physical Therapist:

1. Value-Based Content

As a business, it’s important to share content that will not only fulfill the needs of your customers but also answer some of their questions. Adding content that gives off value and knowledge is a great way for you to prove yourself to potential clients. 

2. Sharing Positive Reviews

Positive reviews are the backbone of any service-based business. If you share positive feedback of your current clients on social media, this will instill trust in your practice and help you gain more clients. 

3. Client Success Stories 

The success stories of your clients actually reflect your success story. It displays that you are able to meet patients’ needs and satisfy them. You should display these success stories of your clients on social media platforms (of course with their permission). If people observe the endorsement of other patients, they will be more likely to use your services. 

4. Case Studies

Posting case studies is a great way to your business profile more attractive on social media by sharing the advantages of the Physical Therapy treatment through case studies. 

5. Educational Content

It is important to implement educational content about your services in your social media plan. It is a good indicator to potential clients that you are an expert in your profession.  

Can I Outsource My Social Media Marketing?

Interested in outsourcing your PT practices social media? Cox Visuals is New Jersey’s premier social media agency and the expert in helping you boost your practices digital footprint on social media. From setting up your profiles and creating professional content to publishing regular posts and engaging with your followers, we do all the heavy lifting. Text “PT” to 908-930-9813 to chat with our social media experts.

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