The Plug Media Co-Founder–Rohit Golia’s Startup Journey – From The Shore To Riding The Tidal Wave

As the digital era rounds up to its peak, with more and more content creators coming out to join the bandwagon, the need for reliable management arises now more than ever. Behind every creative idea brought to life, is the assistance of a system that sources and supports it. The Plug Media is a company that started from scratch to achieve just this feat–helping content creators and brands get on the same plane to put together content that leaves the audience coming back for more.

Setting out on an entrepreneurial journey to make a difference in the sphere, the prowess of Rohit Golia can be gauged from the heights the company he founded along with his partner Apoorv Bhatnagar has reached in less than 30 months since its inception.

Speaking on kick-starting this journey, Rohit Golia states, ‘Our purpose since the beginning has been simple with regard to influencer marketing–to bring coherence to the process, and excellence to its result.’ This unambiguous direction and clarity, helped the company amass over 200+ world class brands in terms of clientele, and execute over 700+ social media marketing campaigns–all within their brief existence.

For Rohit Golia, this venture began from a clean slate. Armed with a graduate degree in Accounts and a PGD in marketing, Rohit returned to India after finishing his Masters in International Business Management from the University of Exeter (UK).

Thereafter, he started the company with nothing more than Rs. 8,000, that were used to but the domain, and stamp papers for the legal formalities. Bootstrapping was at the heart of their startup, as they prepared to dive into the entrepreneurial dimension. “Being a bootstrapped startup, we cut down our overheads to bones, focused on saving every rupee, reinvested strategically and expanded gradually. We were cash flow positive from the word go. That helped strengthen our position today.” stated Rohit.

The take off is the most herculean part of any venture’s journey, and Rohit’s commitment to progress, sound financial awareness and willingness to take risks enabled him to become exactly what the company needed. Shortly after taking the reins, Rohit managed to bring The Plug Media to the forefront of digital discourse, with regard to influencer marketing and management.

According to Rohit, ‘It’s empowering to be in a position where you can bring about change. While the responsibility can be overwhelming, the rewards are gratifying. Nothing beats the feeling of stepping back to admire the growth and progress of your brain-child, and I can’t wait to see what’s more in store.

Young in terms of age and seasoned in terms of experience, Rohit has succeeded in making himself a prominent name on the list of young entrepreneurs who are all well on their way to revolutionize the paradigm.

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