The Popular Luxury Watch Straps Maker, Horus Watch Straps is Expanding Its Product Line-up and Global Distributor Network

Unlike in the past when only black and brown watch straps were available, now colorful watch straps are readily available in the market. They are available in plenty of styles and are even available for luxury watches. Colorful watch straps are a beautiful complement to the actual timepiece. They can also be fashionably paired well with clothes to look special. Horus Watch Straps is bringing the revolution in luxury watch straps with colorful and patterned watch straps for luxury high-end watches like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Panerai.

Founded by Mark Margulies in 2014, Horus watch straps company is a premium luxury watch straps company that provides aesthetic and modern straps for Swiss watches. The company is well known for its capability in blending technical engineering and the latest fashion to develop market-leading straps for premium luxury watches. Thanks to their engineering and design competencies, Horus has helped usher in a new age of premium luxury watch culture.

One thing that makes Horus watch straps unique and different from the other brands is their ability to bring the old formal Swiss watch industry back to life in a more trendy, fashionable, and modernized style. Their watch straps are flexible, allowing for easy changing of the straps. Horus watch straps are the best in the market as they are prototyped and tested at the highest levels. Aside from being colorful, stylish, and trendy, Horus watch straps are incredibly comfortable as the material engineering, and prototyping capabilities are world-class and unmatched.

In addition to guaranteeing users durability and other value-added features, Horus Watch Straps offers a lifetime warranty for all their straps. Horus enjoys a massive social media presence working closely with celebrities and social media influencers to push their products online.

Celebrities such as Meek mill have expressed support for Horus watch straps. Horus targeted Instagram as the primary social media marketing channel due to its versatility and ability to reach a wide pool of interested audiences. They have benefited from the platform as they started marketing their products on Instagram way before any other luxury business could have thought off.


Horus is currently in a distributor partnership with over 130 jewelry stores worldwide. They have plans to expand their distributor partnerships and collaboration to more parts of the world. They have been working with cultural fashion icons like Eliantte, Angel City, A jewelers, and Johnny Dang. Horus is planning on developing straps for many other watch brands that are expected to be released soon. The future is looking bright for the company as more products and limited-edition products are added to the lineup to offer customers more choices.


When making a list of the most outstanding companies that have helped reintroduce the Swiss watch culture to the new generation, the list cannot be complete without Horus Watch Straps. Their camo-themed watch straps were one of a kind and the first ones to be available for the premium luxury watch strap industry. The company introduced a whole new concept when the watch strap market was undergoing a lot of transformation. Their continuing success is a testament to their creativity, quality, and marketing prowess.

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