The Power of Masterminds Mastered by Jay Fiset


If you haven’t yet discovered on your journey of life that the people you are choosing to spend your time with are important to your success, then this article is going to open your eyes as to why.

If we as innovators and entrepreneurs spent our time around people that make us second guess ourselves or think twice about taking risks that most other people won’t even attempt, most of the companies we experience today probably wouldn’t have been built.

The moral of the story is that the people we surround ourselves with can at times be the most important ingredient for success. One tactic that can be implemented by you is to join a mastermind group or to start one yourself.

To really dive deep into what a mastermind group is and why it’s so important, I got the opportunity to sit down with Jay Fiset to learn firsthand why a mastermind can work for your business and why being a part of one can help your business grow.

Inside Jay Fiset’s Mastermind Philosophy

Jay has been involved in masterminds for the last 25 years, both as a facilitator and a member, so his experience is invaluable when it comes to masterminds. He’s seen and been a part of the successful ones but also sees the common mistakes others make.

I want to shed some light on the philosophy that Fiset has developed that he uses when building or choosing a mastermind.

“You need to be able to stand up in a room of strangers and be able to tell the truth no matter what. It can be a frightening experience for many but after you do it, it can be one of the most amazing moments of your life.”

Life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. We all are going through something in our life or business that we should talk to others about or get some advice on. This is what a mastermind group can help with. It can provide a comfortable environment for you to be around friends (that used to be strangers) where you all help each other to succeed in life and your business.

Masterminding has been around for years and it was perfected by the likes of Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie. To expand on this, I decided to ask Jay what the keys are to a successful mastermind.

Tips for a Successful Mastermind

1. Be Open to Sharing

When you are a part of a mastermind, you and all members are expected to share insights that perhaps you wouldn’t share anywhere else. This can be frightening at first, but it’s a necessity for a successful mastermind. I come from a hockey background and I was taught at a young age that what happens and is said within the dressing room stays in the room.

It’s sort of an unwritten code that is the same for a mastermind. You need to feel comfortable in the group and open to sharing real things happening in your life or business that might be tough to talk about. When you open up and get insights or perspectives from others, it’s a time for you to heal and receive real feedback. Soak it all up and allow others to help you and your business.

Not only is it important to share your own personal stories, but, often, the most valuable thing you can share in business is your network. After all, life is all about who you know, not about what you know, and this is extremely useful and important for a mastermind. Sharing your network and wisdom openly with the group is a necessity in a mastermind, and it can be life-changing.

2. Everyone as Equals

Now I’m sure you have heard the saying before, “if you are the smartest in the room, you must be in the wrong room,” and if you haven’t, now you have. In a mastermind, this philosophy is essential because you want to able to help others in areas you might have more experience in, but you also are joining this mastermind or creating the mastermind to allow yourself and others to learn.

There needs to always be a give and take atmosphere within the group, but whoever sets up the mastermind is more of a facilitator than a leader. They help steer the conversations and make sure the group stays on task, but they are not the only voice of the group. Everyone needs to have opportunities to present and share some of their secret sauce that can help others in the group.

Fiset believes that everyone who understands the power of influence should both be in a mastermind to sharpen their leading learning edge and also LEAD their own mastermind where they create community and tribe for those closest to them.  The power of bookending this support, access, and community is a quantum accelerator in life and business.

Simply put, the right mastermind “Bends Time” so that you can create in days what otherwise would have taken months, years, or perhaps never…

Now, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of knowledge and insight I got from Jay around masterminds so I suggest you follow him on Facebook to get more insight into why a mastermind could be the key to your business success in 2018. But it will also be valuable to take a peek at this resource he has available for free around masterminds.

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