The Power of Youth Leadership: Meet the Iyc President of Bapunagar Jayman Sharma

No doubt youths are the future are policymakers and leaders of our nation. Our youth leaders are more concerned to improve livelihoods, reduces violence, and empowers Underprivileged section of our society.

Jayman Sharma is the IYC President of Bapunagar, Ahmedabad (Gujarat). He has won the hearts of many by his unique style of working. Around 13 years ago he started working as a Social Worker.

In an interview to a Media agency, he said that we there are number of people belonging to underprivileged section of our society. They are not able to do things in life in spite of their capabilities, So he wants to hold their hand and empower them. So these kind of strong factors made him passionate for Joining politics. Jayman Sharma believes that politics has has power to change the world.

He wants to see Bapunagar being better every single day. This aspiration motivates him on daily basis. The IYC President of Bapunagar Mr. Sharma says that our nation is the greatest need of youth into politics. As youths are believed to be the most updated generation. In current scenario, it’s best time to level up politics with the efforts of young generation.

Jayman Sharma’s political career started by joining NSUI in 2006. In 2009 he was elected as a Delegate from Thakkarbapanagar Vidhan sabha. After that in 2011, Jayman contested as NSUI candidate in Gujarat University Board for student Welfare elections and won the election by maximum votes & was elected as a Welfare Member of Gujarat university. In 2016 when the Youth Congress election was declared in Gujarat, where Jayman Sharma registered maximum membership of around 4000 forms, which is the highest number of members from any VidhanSabha in Gujarat.

Jayman Sharma’s vision is to serve the people of the country and fight for their rights. He always supported students in all possible ways, whether its educational rights or any Government job issue Jayman always stayed connected with them for their problems. He is always inspired by SHRI RAHUL GANDHI & tried his best to work hard for the youth and people of our country. Working hard with great determination for the people of Bapunagar Jayman Sharma is now the President of IYC Bapunagar.

We wish best for his future endeavors.

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