The Prominent Role of Social Media Influencers In Building Brands 

 They are charming. They are knowledgeable. They keep you engaged with their well curated social media content, building genuine trust with their followers through their contagious passion that makes you want to be like them. Social media influencers hold the power to affect the purchasing decisions of their followers through their authority and genuine trustworthy relationship with their audience. One flick of their magic wand can increase your brand’s visibility and strength.

With the growing popularity of social media, influencer marketing has made it easier for brands to reach out to their target audience. Everyone on social media has a list of influencers they follow. Brands have the visibility to the general aesthetics of the influencer and their followers making it easier for them to pick the right influencer for their brand. But with the growing trend of influencers and with so many brands getting visibility, are people getting confused as to what to trust and what not to? 

Kruthika Kumaran-Founder, Vilvah Store, shares a few tips for the customers to choose the right product and about their social media strategy.

“Amidst all the skincare hype and trends, we advise our customers to know their skin and ask what is the need of your skin before purchasing any product on impulse. The impact of a Social Media Influencer is Real. Great respect to all those bloggers who work hard to create genuine content, post unbiased reviews and share their knowledge with their followers. At Vilvah, we collaborate with influencers who resonate with our deeply held beliefs and core values which includes sustainable and organic way of living. Our intensive study on Indian skin type has helped us formulate the most effective and high-performance products from naturally derived ingredients. Influencers have played a major role in redesigning and reshaping our products through their valuable insights and reviews. Customer experience is of utmost importance to us and constructive criticism from Influencers has helped us in improvising certain products and the success of our brand because in a way they reflect a larger audience perspective.”

Social Media Influencers are like larger feedback channels to any brand and their impact is undeniable.

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