The Revolutionary Face of Indian Politics: Ritik Pratap Singh

Meet Mr. Ritik Pratap Singh, the new face of politics and the Indian government. While most people have a negative mind-set regarding political parties and their work, Ritik Pratap is here to convert that frame of mind into a positive one. The young and courageous boy, who started at a rather young, is working very selflessly with the sole motive of social service. Pratap is soon going to win millions of hearts through his work.

Ritik Pratap Singh speaking about his social services

Ritik tells that he provides professional, personal, and financial help and support to the health sector, especially in Delhi. He also helps the relatively needy and downtrodden sections of society. He has uplifted a large number of people and provided them with good health and sanitation facilities. Pratap is a social worker who will find every possible manner in which he can help the needy. He provides scholarships to students who continue to complete their education from abroad.

Pratap unfolding his interest in politics

Ritik Pratap Singh follows an uncertain path when it comes to India’s politics. Coming from a political background and being the leader of a very reputed political party, Ritik Pratap Singh knows how dirty and beneficial politics can be, all depending upon what the politician offer. Ritik Pratap Singh has been recognized by many prominent and powerful political leaders, cabinet ministers, and national leaders all because of his good work for this nation at such a young age. He started his work in the year 2018 and is also the president of the Indian youth icon team, run under the Bhartiya Janata Party. He primarily works for states like Delhi, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh.

Ritik Singh’s interest in Entrepreneurship

The youngest politician Ritik Pratap Singh focuses on the overall development of the youth. Some of the more interesting facts about him are that apart from being a politician, he is equally engaged in entrepreneurship. Owning many contract and consultancy type firms that provide the youth with aid for their education and placements all over the world, Ritik Pratap Singh has successfully made their lives healthier. He also looks into property dealing projests. He has successfully laid the foundations of his multi-dollar businesses in Delhi, Noida, and Greater Noida.


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