The Role of Beatrice Kizana in Marcel Sahade’s DrugTech Trilogy

Marcel Sahade’s DrugTech Trilogy

Marcel Sahade’s DrugTech Trilogy is a thrilling tale of conspiracy and suspense, full of eccentric and fascinating characters that readers can connect with. One such character is Beatrice Kizana, the sister of Mandy Kizana, a duplicitous con-artist who poses as a fortune-teller to prey on the vulnerable.

Compared to her criminally inclined sister, Beatrice leads a relatively normal life. She has 3 kids and spends most of her time mindlessly surfing the web. 

The Literary Career of Beatrice Kizana 

A few years ago, Beatrice Kizana published some stories on Amazon. While the books themselves weren’t about to earn Pulitzer Prizes, they did earn her the attention of the Australian Taxation Office. One day, the amateur author was visited by Investigator Rawlins, who claimed that she had been making illegitimate tax deduction claims. 

Investigator Rawlins pointed out that Beatrice Kizana tried to claim tax deductions on several fancy dinner dates, where she and her date indulged in expensive food, wine, and dessert. Beatrice Kizana refuted this accusation, saying that these dates are all part of her creative process and that she writes about them at length in her published books. 

Next, Investigator Rawlins Points to the expensive trip to Venice that Beatrice tried to claim a tax deduction. Once more, Beatrice retorts that this was only to write a book about Venice. Investigator Rawlins tries to make the aspiring author see the severity of her situation, warning her that she could face criminal charges if she isn’t careful. Finally realizing the trouble she’s in, Beatrice Kizana agrees to talk to her accountant and clear things up with the Australian Taxation Office. 

The Secret Life of Beatrice Kizana

What secrets is Beatrice Kizana actually hiding? Is she really just a mother of 3, social media butterfly, and aspiring author? Or is there something else going on behind the scenes? You can find out today by reading Marcel Sahade’s DrugTech Trilogy. The book is available now on Amazon. 

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