The Sales Pipeline is Evolving but Pipedrive is Helping You Stay on Top

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Anyone who works in sales will tell you that the process of securing a single deal is multifaceted. From the outside, it is easy to assume that you approach a customer, advertise, and they buy. But upon deeper inspection, anyone will see that it is much more complex.

The sales process can contain many steps like cold calling, onboarding sessions, negotiations, and a million little things before a deal can finally be closed. Of course, any salesperson worth their salt uses several tools or hacks to secure their precious sales targets.

In the past, this would have meant navigating between different digital sales tools. Today, effective CRM tools and pipeline management software like Pipedrive make the process much easier for salespeople and ensure higher success rates.

How Pipedrive Works

Say, as a salesperson, you have a few leads you are pursuing. Some of them have only received their first contact, and some are at the point of sale. Some are being communicated with through email, and others through phone calls.

Even trying to visualize all these processes happening all at once can be difficult, not to mention managing all of them, responding to messages, and even analyzing what works and what doesn’t.

This is where Pipedrive comes in, as it acts as an all-in-one sales platform for those who want to increase revenue. First, it gives a single view of where each customer is in the sales cycle. Then, from those who have received cold calls to those at the negotiation point, all are categorized so, at any given point, the salesperson can access the data.

Each client profile is customized to highlight essential facts and stats, saving hours of guesswork and calculations. In addition, all the data that might be stored on other sources, including other CRM platforms, can be exported easily. That means no hours of transferring spreadsheet information and creating new data sets.

When an account on Pipedrive is created, it can be customized to match your sales process. After all, some sales pipelines have five stages, and some have more or less. Within minutes, an account and a pipeline framework can be established to meet your needs.

One of Pipedrive’s most significant philosophies is focusing not necessarily on the end goal of a sale but on all the activities that lead up to it. By creating a framework that allows easy management of these activities, whether it be setting up phone calls or scheduling meetings, Pipedrive helps its users embrace this philosophy.

But this is not done in isolation. Naturally, salespeople already employ several tools like Slack and Asana to drive their communication and sales processes. The good news is that Pipedrive allows users to sync hundreds of other applications to their accounts, which means they will never be in the dark about where they are in their sales cycle.

For sales teams, this data cohesion means that collaboration on different activities will be made more accessible, and every member can be kept in the loop.

It is no secret that as the digital world changes, so do salespeople’s ways of reaching customers. But new tools and platforms popping up every other day doesn’t mean that salespeople have to be stressed out trying to manage everything.

The Way to Sell

The sales pipeline might be ever-changing, but that does not mean salespeople will be left in the dark. On the contrary, users are equipped to take on the world by offering a platform that easily integrates with many others and gives a simplified and easily accessible view of the pipeline. And with the way that Pipedrive is set up, salespeople now have the tools for success.

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